Holiday thread - where do you want to go?


Following TKC’s thread about getting trains in Europe.

I’m gonna try and visit every EU member state (think I have 7 left). This year I’ve been to UK, France, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark.

Still need to go to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia and Lithuania. WHERE SHOULD I GO NEXT? Thinking a winter break to the Baltic.





I’m still aiming to cover all of Europe (I’m not counting Russia or Turkey here). These are the ones I have left after consulting the map:

San Marino
Kaliningrad (particularly want to go there)

Maybe I could cheat a bit on the former Yugoslav ones- I went to Yugoslavia when it was still together. I’d also like to visit Poland and Romania properly. I’ve crossed the border into Poland for an afternoon, but that’s not the same. I went to Transylvania in Romania for the day, but it used to be in Hungary (as old Hungarian men will never let you forget), a lot of people speak Hungarian, and it looks like Hungary, so I’d like to see the rest of the country.

Also recently won plane tickets + hotel to Japan next year in a competition, but as it’s not all booked yet, I’m not counting my chickens til they’re hatched.


oh wow!


I’m kind of mentally taking the attitude it’s not happening until I have the plane tickets in my hand though, to save disappointment.


want to go to an F1 race next year abroad, but haven’t figured out where. Went to the Italian GP in 2010 so stayed in Milan and trained it up to Monza each day, and then did stuff round Milan/Lake Common for the rest of the week so that was good. So something along those lines could be good again? Singapore could be good I think if we fancy going long distance, or maybe Germany or Belgium for something closer to home.

Do have to contend with a wife who doesnt like flying though, although I think she’s keen to battle through that as her brother is getting married in Japan next year. So that’s a potential holiday too.


I want to go to Scotland. Never been there and I think I’d love it.

I also want to go to:

  • Luxembourg
  • Lichtenstein
  • Andorra
  • San Marino
  • Gibraltar
  • Kaliningrad

Tiny countries/enclaves a-go-go!


Gotta be Spa, surely!




Bulgaria has nice weather in the Spring. Food is really nice, as are the people. Sofia is a bit of a dump, but the old town is nice and worth seeing, so good for a couple of days but not the whole trip. You def need to learn to read Cyrillic to not get hopelessly lost too.

You probably won’t spend much money there apart from food and drink. There’s a weird lack of stuff to buy and stock in shops. People I was working with told me they just used to go on shopping trips to Istanbul instead for stuff like clothes and housewares.


I’ve been to all of them except San Marino and Kaliningrad! (got my passport stolen in the Vatican, that was a joy to sort out).

Liechtenstein is a really weird place.


For pure F1 reasons then yes, definitely. Convincing my wife to go to a race where it is almost certain to piss down with rain at some point, when she didn’t put up with a bit of drizzle at the British GP in 2014 and missed qualifying as a result, is a bit harder. Plus I don’t think Spa is particularly near anywhere else in the same way that Monza is near Milan, or say the Canadian GP is just in Montreal, so the whole holiday+F1 rather than just F1 bit might fall down. Will have a look though.


I’ve not been on a proper holiday for years. Although I went to Berlin last year for a football game and spent four days there.

I keep thinking on booking weekends away to various cities and taking in a game. Anyone been to Dortmund?


Romania’s well worth a visit. Lovely country.

Quite want to go to Croatia/Bosnia/Montenegro at some point.


Went to the Vatican when visiting Rome with my parents in my teens. Very much enjoyed the idea of being in one country and then being in another out of nowhere. How did you get your passport stolen in the Vatican? Gang of pickpocketing monks?

Is Lichtenstein not all banks and mountains?


Mon over, I’ll get ye a beer


I really want to go to
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Netherlands

there are also a few places in Germany I want to visit (Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt)


Went there when I was 18 with my mum. We were staying at a bargain bucket youth hostel, so had to take the passports with us because the office safe was broken. Had just crossed the border into the Vatican, and were in a big crowd when some sort of fight broke out. When we got out, my mum found out someone had snipped a hole in her bag and stolen her purse and the passports. Obviously it was all a distraction so the monks could steal wallets to keep the Pope in style.

The embassy were incredibly unhelpful, and to get a temporary passport we had to get a police certificate. As it happened in the Vatican though, we got sent to four different police stations to get the right paperwork (ah Italian bureaucracy), and had to walk between them because the embassy wouldn’t even give us some change to help with the bus. Called my sister and got her to wire us some emergency money, but it took a few hours to arrive. While doing all this messing about, someone crossed a border with my passport before it was officially cancelled.

So then it took me nine months to get a new passport, as they had to investigate that I hadn’t sold it. So I started university with no ID other than my birth certificate for a couple of months, which was even more handy. Every time I went through immigration even within the EU for years something would come up on screen and I’d get extra checks and questions. That + the fact I had Moroccan ferry stamps that are only in Arabic made it a very bad idea for me to even attempt to go to the US seeing as it was also the height of the Bush era. My passport’s fine now, but still haven’t been to the US despite having family there.


Yeah Liechtenstein is pretty much a small Swiss town that’s inexplicably a separate country. They specialise in money laundering and manufacturing false teeth. The prince is also an absolute monarch. I was working nearby at a school in Austria on the border. There is only one secondary school in the whole of Liechtenstein so if you don’t want to go there you have to go to school abroad, so I had a few students at my school from there too. I actually saw the whole country in one afternoon- it’s literally Vaduz, Schaan and a few villages. One big supermarket (Swiss Coop) for the whole country too. There’s also a really swish great modern art museum inexplicably in Vaduz too. When I went to get some money out, all the cash machines only dispense the equivalent of £50 notes, but luckily the shops accept euros and swiss francs equally. I couldn’t afford to buy anything else than a coffee there!


Hungarian GP is supposed to be really good and affordable. Got some mates who’ve been.


Hungarian mates?