Holiday Thread

‘Going anywhere nice this year, sir/madam?’.
Use this thread to tell us and/or ask any holiday-related questions that you may have.

I have a question: I am going to Espana for 10 days and want to take a bit of cash. What’s the best way to do this? Not sure I want to take a bunch of readies

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Sicily in October and it can’t come quickly enough NV.

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Haven’t got anything booked. Don’t really like holidays but should get something sorted to keep 'er indoors happy.

Off to a stag in Hamburg next week but nothing beyond that and currently no plans to book anything given the impending move and my gf having a dissertation to write over the summer.

Date dependent I want to try and do either Lisbon or Dortmund in the autumn for association football related reasons.

credit card with no / minimal fees.

don’t actually have anything booked

probably go to mallorca in october for cycling

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We’ve decided to go away the first weekend of September, just an airbnb somewhere in the UK. Any suggestions are welcome!!



Glasgow :wink:

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I just got a Monzo card but have not yet used it abroad.

Need any Hamburg tips? Or you condemned to the Reeperbahn all weekend?

Off to the Isle of Islay in that Scotland with the in-laws for a week in August.
Then have just booked an all-inclusive beachy job in Greece for September - lots of activities included. First time we’ve tried that sort of package, but wanted something straight-up relaxing as our next jaunt after that is…
Dog sledding in Finland in January, which I am super excited for/about.


No idea tbh, all I know is we’re doing zorb football and a beer bike (! :disappointed:) Hit me up with tolerable bars if you know any for sure!

Going away in September. Either a few places in Italy, a trip round belgium, a drive round Scotland, Bilbao or maybe Canada.

Can’t decide

That’s a good bunch of hols

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Reeperbahn is disgusting. Lasted 10 minutes there the other week

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Looks proper grim. Luckily my pals aren’t complete fucking animals so should avoid the worst of it.

Thinking about going to the south of France for a week in September as there are some cheap flights to Nice around then

Marrakesh the other week, I keep meaning to go back and post about it because I’ve never had so much to say about a place.

Nothing else planned but obviously REALLY soon I’ll walk out of work and spend ages travelling etc

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Got Oslo in August. Can’t wait!
Bf is starting a new job on Monday so we have to wait and see how many holiday days etc he’s getting for the rest of the year but I wanna go away for my birthday in October.

Just got back from my holiday to Luxembourg/Bruges/Amsterdam. If my life continues to be horrible I will probably go to Nice and Monaco for a long weekend in September even though I can’t really afford it.