Holidays 2K18 (rolling)

Obviously a massively privileged thread but what’ve you got going on? Getting booked up already which is ridiculous quite frankly. Slightly raging at the abroad stag do’s, both of which have come about in the last few days and have made me massively regret booking the bike wanker holiday.

  • February - I think Berlin for a long weekend
  • March - Israel for 5 days to see a m9 before he moves back to the UK
  • Early May - France and Spain for 5 days, cycling from Bordeaux to San Sebastián
  • Mid May - Benalmadena for 4 days for a stag do
  • August - Flow Festival in Helsinki 4 days for a stag do
  • December/New Year - Glasgow for a couple of days and then driving up to Loch Lomond area to stay somewhere remote
  • End of this month: 2 days in Stockport for some glamorous bike riding
  • March: bike wankers trip to Mallorca
  • end of June: LEJOG (this isn’t really planned yet but I’ve booked the time off)

February - Island Of White to visit the TV’s sister
March - Grenoble and Madrid, both to visit mates
April - hopefully book something for school Easter holidays. Thinking maybe Malaysia, Costa Rica or a NYC/Toronto double header
August - Berlin for the beer festival

Prolly head to Scotland and Guernsey at least once each too…

February - Glasgow for the indoor athletics grand prix
May - Skye then Dunoon then somewhere in North Wales then Cork in Ireland AKA main holiday
July - might do a festival
August - might do the festival
October - maybe do something

Don’t think I’ll be making much use of that free movement passport of mine before the Brexit wankers get their way. Not even sure if you have to show your passport to get into Ireland. Don’t think I did last time.

Gonna be spending an entire YEAR in the UK’s Number 1 coastal tourist holiday resort BOURNEMOUTH!!1


Feb: New Forest
Mar/Apr: Sri Lanka honeymoooooooon

No idea about the rest of the year

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:raised_hands: have a lovely time chief, great destination for a honeymoon.


thank you

where bounce you going in Israel? have you been before?



Week in South Africa at the beginning of February for a wedding (booked it before I got smacked with a massive tax bill haha haha :sob:)

Week in Devon with my side of the family in August

Think that’s it, going abroad for work a few times but that doesn’t count

March - Bf’s bandmates wedding somewhere in the midlands.
May - Munro walking holiday for a week somewhere in ol’ Scottles.
August - Friends wedding in St Andrews.

Hmm… nothing booked abroad unfortunately :sob:

:wave: forgot you’d moved to Glasgow :wink:

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Forgot I’m also going to Orkney for a week in June with the TV’s family. Not looking forward to it tbh for a number of reasons.

oh shit, going to bloody Belgium in April too aren’t I. Long weekend to ride a short version of a monument on day and then watch the pros the other.

Never been! Trying to cram in as much as poss so Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.

  • Weekend in Valencia in March
  • Weekend in Copenhagen in June
  • Friend’s stag do at some point
  • and then the same friend’s wedding in Norfolk in September (might potter around Norwich and make a weekend of this one)

Haha!! Stop that. They’re basically the same thing yo.

MEAT. Bring @plasticniki too pls. I am still SO sad I missed that meat last year. Never forget.


Feb - Barcelona for a week. It’s my happy place.
August - Same as last year as it was a surprise rollicking success - Alsace in France / The Alps, Lake Geneva (French bit), Lake Constance (German bit). Lovely part of the world, and lovely and quiet even in school holidays.

I bet that is it.

  • February - 3 nights in Edinburgh meeting @witches hopefully :wave: and 2 nights in a big country cottage Lewes (well Rottingdean)

  • July - a week in a big house in North Devon hopefully with the TV’s family (waiting for my holiday request to be accepted mind)

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February - Iceland
March - Bike wankers trip to Mallorca
May - Portugal

Talking to the TV about going to Vietnam sept/oct time but not booked anything yet.
Plus lots of unplanned camping stuff n that.