🎵🎶 'Holidays are coming!' thread (rolling) 🎵🎶

Just got emailed the Prezzo Christmas menu.

100% sacking christmas off this year. not sure what form that’ll take yet, possibly just shutting myself in and eating loads of chocolate and weeping, or maybe I’ll go abroad. We’ll see. Fuck Christmas.


I’ve lost track with how many rolling Xmas threads there are this year now


Paid the remaining balance on our fake Christmas long weekend on Friday

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stop living in the past!

What are you doing for it?

Do you think that friends of Mary Beard are always shouting this at her?

Going somewhere. Either Suffolk or Norfolk, difficult to remember which. All the usual lot, will be lovely.

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He’s not my favourite of organ of all time. My favourite organ of all time is Mr. Kidney Poitier


I shall ask them!

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Delighted about getting this in the wrong thread tbh


We tried to book one Father C thing this morning and failed so we are flipping to another. Fingers crossed!

ooo, good luck. Make sure you don’t book more than one per Christmas, is my advice.

Not really doing Christmas, but some of it’s surrounding anxieties are beginning to abate. I have made a deal with my Ma that neither of us should have to cook so we’re going to get a boatload of Local Indian in on Christmas Eve and eat most of it on the day itself. Still need to decipher the avoiding-extended-family problem though, that’s a stickier wicket. Might just pretend I’m ill on the day.

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Don’t. Just don’t. Currently in a group chat where friends are trying to organise a night out. Half of them want to do a shitty hotel Christmas party, but thankfully it looks like we’ve left it too late to book anywhere (I’ve already said “leave me out” if they do find one). One of them is happy to pay 40 quid for a shitty hotel Christmas party, but baulks at the idea of paying more than 25 quid for a decent meal in a restaurant and then going out for drinks after. It’s just shit. I’d rather sack the whole thing off and sit around in my pants, by myself, watching Die Hard and drinking whatever is lurking at the back of my booze cupboard.

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You book an actor dressed as Santa Claus to come to your house?

Aftershock. There’s definitely some Aftershock in there, where it’s all crystallised around the top.

I’ll be in Small Cornish Harbour village on Christmas Day where my sister lives now. Hoping if I visit the pubs maybe they’ll accept me and I’ll see them every year and they’ll be my friends. Will upload pictures when I’m there.

Looking forward to my annual 1 pint in that bookshop in Falmouth while my mum does her Christmas shopping.