What sort of holiday could you go for right now?

  • City break
  • Adventure/Outdoorsy thing
  • Resort
  • Beach
  • Big piss up somewhere

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never been on a resort holiday (the type where you just rock up to a massive hotel in Torremolinos and cook by the pool), but I really like the sound of them.

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I could really go a sun lounger, pina colada and a trashy novel right this minute.


Resort sounds more like an all-inclusive affair.

probably a cross over between resort and beach holiday, but I want the same sort of thing, albeit with an international buffet available.

Went on one when I was 16 and it felt like the dullest thing that had ever happened. Could probably go for one now though.

Beach where I sit, sun, read and sleep please.

Going to Barbados next month, pretty much the only thing keeping me going with Winter 7 or whichever it is we’re up to on the horizon.

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Ah, in that case I want a brain dead resort holiday right about now.

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is it still winter III in the UK? i’ve been told the weather has improved since we offered eric to the ancients.

Could go outdoorsy without the adventure. Would quite like to see mountains but not go that far up them (unless there is some sort of lift or funicular).

Winter IV is supposed to be joining us for Easter weekend.

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This too could be good.

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Off to dennos next week to celebrate winter v in style

I’m all about the city break. Best type of holiday by a distance imo.

never return feeling that relaxed tbh.


Normally I’d be right there with you but right now I don’t want to think about anything other than when to reapply sunscreen and who’s going up to get my next cocktail.

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Going to Wales for a week next week. Booked it ages ago assuming winter would be over by now :grimacing:

That was quick



Yup, I agree, but I just got back from a city break and the weather’s quite spring-like, so I fancied an activity holiday.