Would wholeheartedly agree but the week I spent in Seville was by far the most relaxing holiday I’ve ever had. Reckon they usually feel a bit fraught because you’re trying to cram as much in as possible because it’s too expensive to stay for more than a long weekend.

Yeah, I guess. I don’t think I’m that into resort relaxation type deals though. Did Zanzibar and it was really lovely and that but I can’t do any more than like a day of lounging by a pool and the beach can fuck off in general.

My holidays are usually a combo of 3 of the above. For example Barcelona for Primavera will be city, booze and beach. Slovenia couple of years back was booze and city in Ljubjana for a day then a week in nature

love Sevilla - wanna go back :frowning:

How about Barca, where you can do the beach and city thing together. That’s what I’m after rn. Wander round the city for the morning, then hang out in a bar drinking sangria and cerveza/chill on the beach with a book and a cerveza.

Good but defo not cheap

Aye, this sounds good. Really want to go back to San Sebastian at some point, really nice beach for during the day then great bars/food for the evening.


And that’s as cheap as you make it really

Man, SS was the best

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For me it’s about being near the sea. Love my seafood. Warm weather. Walks along the coast. Alfresco dining. And good wine !

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somewhere that’s warm and has actual hills

I have decided travelling without purpose is quite wank.

Could definitely do with some sunny beach relaxation right about now. Instead, I’m heading even further north for about ten days starting tomorrow. :woman_shrugging:

How about Travelling Without Moving?

I don’t watch basketball


Very good.

I work for a budget airline and I think about holidays all day. I’d really like to be somewhere in Central Europe drinking cheap beer.

the opposite of London life, for me - some trees and hills and that - sounds super appealing right about now

Just want a few days wandering around spain, france or italy drinking wine and eating food please