Really hate using the ovens in holiday lets and their utensils and stuff. Start thinking they are really meaty and stuff. Don’t think that in a rezza though so… what?

this gives me an idea to start up a chain of guaranteed veg-only cooking facilties/kitchen ware holiday lets, throughout Suisse, Belgium and the black forest (for starters). You in?

Yes! Can we have some in the UK too please?

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You have to clap when you turn it off.

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UTT have a vegetarian holiday let. Never been but it meets your requirements.

It is a good idea as I hate the thought of meaty pans and chopping boards etc

It’s the fatty ovens that get me. They may look clean but often there is that stench of fat.

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I’m down with UTT, yeah you know me.


hate using teaspoons and cups and stuff in these places. dunno why when the ones in my own kitchen definitely have more bacteria on them

What are you doing to your teaspoons and cups that makes you so sure of this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Living in a grotty houseshare

Urgh, you have my sympathies :frowning: