How long do you use your glass for at home between washes?

One a day? Fresh one for your nighttime water? All week? Several a day?


I will genuinely use a glass for “one day” although there is a smaller glass I use for my pre-bed sleeping pill that is used for ages

Do you ever use a glass to consume liquids in your house? With what frequency will you clean/change that glass.

I’m glad you’re approaching this thread with honesty

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I’m a one day glasser and will use it for overnight too.

thank you. I will admit I was confused by the term ‘Holmglass’

Home Glass was already taken.

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One a day, sometimes reuse it for a second day if I’m feeling saucy.

Don’t think 'er indoors changes her water glass unless I put it in the dishwasher, which makes me feel a bit queasy.

I have one glass that is used from hometime and throughout the evening as required.

I then switch up to a keep-cup for overnight water as if I use a glass the kitten will knock it over.

Glass for water gets changed once a week. Glasses for other stuff get washed after I use them.

My partner uses two or three glasses a day just for water. She also rarely does washing up, so when she actually does she doesn’t get through it all because there are so many bloody glasses. Winds me up no end, I turn up on a Thursday and she’s got three glasses next to the bed and five more sat by the sink :sob:

Oh yes, we had that problem but they got bored of our glasses when they got older.

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this is very hopeful news

The plastic glasses of a child are prone to stinking

This thread was inspired by the amount of glasses I removed from the dishwasher that I had used (1) compared to what my wife had used (5).

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No thanks, I’ve just eaten