Anyone else checked these out yet? Made up of people from Hookworms, Virginia Wing, Yard Act, Cowtown, Xam Duo. Basically should have called themselves the Musicians Union of Leeds.

Anyway just announced there 1st album on Gringo Record. They put out 3 tracks in 2019 and played Soup Kitchen and were ace. Then they got done by the Pandemic.

I’ve been looking forward to this since it was teased in March last year.

Espouse your love, hatred, ambivalence below or not


Really like what I’ve heard by them, Lemon Chic especially.

Album out on 25th Feb

Never listened to any of the artists mentioned but I quite like that one you’ve linked to. Will listen to their other stuff.

Just realised the 3 tracks they originally released have disappeared which are all better than the new single. Cheeky.