Anyone else checked these out yet? Made up of people from Hookworms, Virginia Wing, Yard Act, Cowtown, Xam Duo. Basically should have called themselves the Musicians Union of Leeds.

Anyway just announced there 1st album on Gringo Record. They put out 3 tracks in 2019 and played Soup Kitchen and were ace. Then they got done by the Pandemic.

I’ve been looking forward to this since it was teased in March last year.

Espouse your love, hatred, ambivalence below or not


Really like what I’ve heard by them, Lemon Chic especially.

Album out on 25th Feb

Never listened to any of the artists mentioned but I quite like that one you’ve linked to. Will listen to their other stuff.

Just realised the 3 tracks they originally released have disappeared which are all better than the new single. Cheeky.

Re-released one of the original the singles with added reverb ahead of Friday it looks like.

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Just catching up with this week’s releases - the album is pretty ace isn’t it!

Yeah, it’s fantastic. Surprised it’s not been talked about more on here. It just seems to lock in from start to finish and it’s a perfect album length for this sort of stuff.

As an aside, hookworms were one of my favourite bands and whilst they absolutely couldn’t continue given the circumstances, there was a part of me that missed their live shows. It’s great to hear some of them involved in this and can’t wait to their live dates later in the year.

Sounds like from reading their Bandcamp page, this band basically IS Hookworms. All the same band members except a new vocalist and a synth/sax player. So basically a very good thing in my book.

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Crikey, this Low Light track is an absolute banger!

Hadn’t spotted this article from last year: