Holy crap it's friday evening!


only just dawned on me. doesn’t feel like a friday at all, does it? still got that holiday vibe. gonna drink maybe 2 cans of beer, eat some stirfry and probably go to bed at a reasonable time.

for the love of god, please tell me you’re doing something better than that!!!


Still in work :cry:


Evening Eric. A rare Friday night off for me so I’m in Liverpool for the FA Cup game against our dear, dear neighbours from across the park. It’s pissing down though so I’m having a beer in the warm.




:wine_glass: :cheese: :soccer::bed:


so much cheese left to finish :sweat:


I’m ill, gonna have a pizza then probably fall asleep watching the football. ah, the magic of the cup


i’ve spent quite a bit of this afternoon on the phone to kent police, making and clarifying my statement regarding the domestic violence incident i reported last night. apparently they’ve arrested someone, which is good news (hopefully!).

really need to apply for more jobs over the weekend as i will be officially unemployed after monday.

going to ride my bike soon :biking_man:


wait, what’s this now?


:-1: Not-like
:heart: Like
:-1: Not-like
:heart: Like


as i was coming out of my job interview last night i basically walked right through a horrible incident where this guy was beating up his (i assume) girlfriend so i rang 999. today they told me they had made an arrest so i had to do my proper statement and all the witness admin.

(sorry, not sure if this needs a content warning or anything. don’t want to say anything too specific in case it’s triggering)


I feel you. Never had chaource before until this Christmas. Please stop making nice cheese.


Evenin party people.
Meeting an ATD for a drink or two, then up the road to take it easy.
These plans could change.
Pretty cold the night


Home, having a beer, about to head out for food and more beer


thought your phone had autocorrected ‘chance’ for a sec, not even heard of it!


fucking hell, grim. was she alright? good news they’ve arrested him at least


Neither had I until a couple of weeks ago :sweat: It’s like a French version of burrata, really creamy and moussey :drooling_face:




Is this going to be your regular disclaimer now? :joy:


Waiting for a train to Grantham, drinking a pre mixed rum and coke