Holy Hell


On Netflix. Has anyone watched this?


Yep. I watched it yesterday!

It was enlightening and pretty horrifying.


Yeah, really absorbing film. Cults are just fascinating, aren’t they?

Still not entirely convinced that yer man wasn’t just a Martin Short character though.




Like a ripped Martin Short.


Is that Justin Trudeau


It’s really upset me because my aunt is someone I could really see getting involved in something like this. When I was in my early 20s she was involved with a group called landmark forum, here are a few things written about it…


Pressurising participants to pressurise other people to attend is a big part of how it sustains itself and she really encouraged me to go and I did, she even paid for me, but I didn’t have the money to keep attending all the follow on courses.

I thought it was weird but I looked up to my aunt so I wanted to be involved.

Over the next 10 years she was involved in a number of similar groups and always tried to get me involved. My dad and brother have always said she was ‘flakey’ and a bit bonkers but after my mum died when I was 14 we became very close and I guess she took on that role in a way.

Looking back now after having a child I think it was really irresponsible of her to get me involved in those things at a young and impressionable age. She babysits my little girl one or two mornings a week while I’m at work but after watching that film I’ve been really doubting whether I want her to anymore. :frowning:


Sounds a bit Alpha Course to me.


yeah I think all cults steal some of their techniques from Christian psychology