Holy moly (Cobra Kai)

You can thank me later…


Hell yes! I approve of this content

Looks fun but I’m not going to pay for YouTube Red just to see it.

TBH if it’s not on Netflix or Freeview I’m not going to be making any effort :smiley:

Saw the first four episodes on Netflix last night. I usually don’t binge watch shows.

This was though a great watch, a good juxtaposition and reminiscent fun.

Agreed I saw the first season a while back. Glad to see it’s now on Netflix.

Edit. Just realised this is a really old thread.

Cobra Kai


The first two seasons were excellant and I’m eagerly awaiting the third (when it goes free-to-air on the YouTube).

I think YouTube dropped it which is why Netflix have now picked it up.

quite enjoying this, thought it was going to be a revisionist thing where daniel is the bad guy but it doesnt actually seem to be that

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Awesome - I actually have a sub to Netflix, so I’m a happy bunny

Yeah, it’s really good - it definitely leads you around in terms of who is ‘the bad guy’, but that makes for a more interesting ride.

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started watching this a few nights ago, so far i am 4 episodes in. really quite enjoying it thus far. was worried it might lean on the nostalgia too much or take itself seriously but it doesn’t.
really hope they bring back terry silver down the line.

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like how the episodes are short, not the normal netflix slog

I finished the first series in about two days. A bit too watchable actually.

I’ll have a few days off before starting the second series.

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liked the second season but the story seems spread quite thin, was wondering how they were going to build to a finale but they managed it. glad it has been picked up for a third season that would be a hell of a way to leave it

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William Zabka is genuinely hilarious but doesn’t lay it on too thick.
He’s great, I love him


I might be going off on a tangent but I was talking to my mate how the Johnny Lawrence character was once a staunched Republican that can be changed to a Democrat.

Just finished the first season and loving it so much. So many great little moments. I really wasn’t sure after the first episode, but it’s completely grown on me since then.


Treads then cheese line just fine.
Gets the odd chuckle from me.
Quite watchable.
3 eps into the 2nd series already :flushed: