Home Alone Reboot Practicalities

This summer, Disney said they were interested in the idea of rebooting the Home Alone franchise. However, the change in technology and attitudes to parenting since the original film was released mean that much of the plot of the original would be impossible in today’s world. So how could filmmakers contrive that an eight-year-old could feasibly end up isolated in his own home for three days out of reach of his family or any other authority figure, and at the mercy of a duo of hapless burglars?

Set it in Devon.


That’s bullshit. It’s easy to forget your kids or lose them in a shop. Or in a car park. Or leave the house forgetting that they are there. Or leave them in a car. Or walk too far ahead on a busy street and turn around and they are not there.

Every single parent has done all of the above things more than once.


Maybe they lose their phones, block their sims and it takes O2 12 days to work out how to unblock the sims

The parents could die, so even though Kevin foils the hapless burglars he’ll never foil his crippling loneliness and feelings of abandonment (not until the sequel, anyway).


It’s not my job to think of this sort of thing


I’d do it exactly the same except for a big courtroom scene at the end where the parents are sent down for 25 years for abandoning their child while the burglars are let off with a suspended sentence


Less home alone reboot
More Scott Malone’s right boot


Could be like a child-friendly version of gerald’s game (only seen the first 10 mins because I got bored)

How many times have you lost your child for three days?

Should I be calling someone about this?

Are you playing football on Sunday by the way?

Not sure yet, unfortunately.

not for three days - i mean the film can’t just reproduce real life. but perhaps the filmmakers could START with a child getting lost in SAY b&q and a tannoy announcement going out and the parent not really paying attention to the tannoy announcement and take it from there.

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There would be lots of scope for elaborate traps if the entire film were set in a B&Q


Would certainly provide ample opportunity for hardware based mirth (Kevin hides in shed, burglar comes in and he nailguns them in the face).

kevin is 32 but still lives at home because he can’t afford to rent by himself even though he works two jobs

he gets left alone all the time


Wait why would anyone burgle B&Q

Kevin is in jail


Maybe his parents are just really negligent