Home Alone Reboot Practicalities

Corbyn fires the ION Cannon right when the parents go on holiday

Simply set the reboot in the 90s


Then the kids will just be like “where’s his phone?”

Maybe they’ll just use footage of Joe pesci in the Irishman to save on de aging him

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Maybe it’ll be Tiffany Trump left in the white house post nuclear exchange because there’s not enough room for her in daddy’s bunker and she just waits for the radiation to kill her


Set it in a pub, Call me Dave is the dad, numerous mentions of pork scratchings, hilarity ensues.

Is it? Instead of just the phone being down, the WiFi is out as well? Kevin is too young for a mobile, and doesn’t answer the door when the cops arrive as he is scared. Done. Let’s Do this!*
*please don’t do this

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Home A Loan and it’s about mortgages.

Aha haha hahaha

And his family can’t contact anyone else they know in the entire city to go check on him? Or get on Twitter and make a big campaign about it? Chinny reckon

Just put a Shrek in it.

Why couldn’t they do that before? Like, don’t they try and contact one neighbour but they’re away. That’s it! No friends?
They wouldn’t want a Twitter campaign to publish their negligence.
This is a Goer!

Could we have an adult Macaulay Culkin could play the role of a child but no-one mentions that he’s 39 the whole time.


Shreck is an ogre

Main problem with this is that they’d have to call the film “Lost in B&Q”

alexa, set fire to this guys head


Also he could just google that guy next door and find out very early on that he’s not a murderer.

Or forget to take them out of the push chair after leaving it in the buggy park before starting to queue for Professor Burps Bubbleworks at Chessington

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instead of being at home he could go to the cinema and watch home alone

they could just set it in the 80s

He should play the pizza delivery guy