Home appliance/electrical goods quirks

The digital radio in the kitchen needs the power button pressing twice before it turns on, also sometimes when you turn it off it will turn back on by itself ~30 seconds later.

The oven will turn off about two minutes after you turn it on and won’t go back on unless you open the door first.

Now your turn

My hair straighteners need to be held a certain way because I dropped them and exposed some wires when the case cracked but I spent over 10p on them so I’m not buying a new one. Could probably fix it but I cba, as long as I hold it right its fine

Over 100£ ffs screen being weird

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Our oven will turn off when the timer gets to zero.

But it won’t come back on again until you reset the timer (which requires pressing 2 buttons simultaneously, instead of the 1 button needed to stop the alarm beeping)

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If I restart (rather than fully power down) my PC, my Ethernet card ceases to exist.

I blame the absolute fucking muppet who built the PC.



I’ve got this cheap portable bluetooth speaker that I use for listening to music when working / decorating / prepping stuff in the kitchen. For some reason, it misses the first 0.2 seconds off songs. Can’t cope with silence. It’s even worse if you’re listening to spoken word / interviews.


Had similar and the kettle turned on and off too.

Turned out it was ghosts and stopped when the haunted person In the shared accommodation moved out.

True story


Our bedroom lamps needed three taps to turn off. Then we switched from LED bulbs to the other type, and it turned out that they were dimmer lamps with three levels.


Our car stereo often doesn’t give any sound when your first start it. Frustrating to have to turn off and on again, particularly if Bluetoothing as it has to reconnect

“Over 10p” has done me.

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technically correct, the best kind of correct

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Perfectly encapsulates me and my reluctance to replace anything I own instead of bodge home fix after bodge home fix, TBH

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Its what I get for doing a zoom class and still going on dis while the kid writes down the question i asked. Split screen on my phone no less :pensive:

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Sometimes my boiler thinks there is a hot tap running when their isn’t and I have to go through a routine of turning the kitchen tap on and off again and then turning the boiler on and off again to stop it burning gas for no reason

My cooker is incredibly touchy about being even slightly lent near - all kinds of beeps and safety mode nonsense

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Fixed the “incredibly fast draining battery” issue with the PS3 tv remote thing by leaving a ps3 controller permanently plugged in charging.

Really satisfying

huge fan of this kind of lamp, reminds me of staying at my granny’s house when i was a kid

I’ve not tried to fix the ethernet thing because there’s a not too faffy fix in Windows device manager for the times I accidentally hit restart, and that seems better than the potential consequences of trying to change the power up order on boot at a hardware level. That feels like it could go very, very wrong.

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why dont washing machines have a concept of time…?

you just turn it on… and hope for the best. cant it tell me how long its going to be?


hob doesnt stay lit if you turn the gas on and press down for the spark. it lights but as soon as you release it it goes out, but if you hold it so its clicking away doing the spark for like 20 seconds then it’ll stay lit. telly’s aerial doesnt work, tried so many fucking things, lost the will to live. gf wouldnt do it, she decided making the telly work was my job, so it never got done and we just watch it throuhg the internet now, apps and that. who cares, we only ever want it to watch live tv when we’re not really arsed about watching anythign

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Mine does.


well la-de-dah mr science washer

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