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Which means that should be feasible


As you say depends on wiring as I have powerline adaptors but the connection drops randomly all the time - mesh wifi much more consistent and the same speed


Think i’ve got a cream for that in the bathroom.

(Can you explain in laymans terms, mate?)


Ok so I don’t work with residential stuff much but I’m pretty sure that a VDSL connection (which is what bt usually issue) verifies itself by actually being your connection meaning you don’t have to ‘log in’ to your account to connect to the sphyncternet. So you just plug in a VDSL router and it works - in this instance the two routers are VDSL presumably. ADSL requires a username and password to log in to the web at your isp (which sky won’t give you and their connections are ADSL.)

I think.


Randomly dropping connections could be down to using overlapping channels. How many adapters do you have and what is the model number?


Only 2, its an oldish tp link with the power socket, dunno which model

This is an ethernet connection though does it even use channels??

I have no idea how powerline works tbf it is pretty magic even if it annoys me


Ah sorry I thought it was a wireless link randomly dropping. If it’s the Ethernet port doing it the honestly I don’t know.