Home Exercise Thread 2021

Welp, looks like we’re due at least another month of misery exercise in cramped conditions, especially with the traditional blighty winter locking in.

Use this thread to get advice, chuck youtube stuff that’s good on here for others, and scream into the void because you miss the gym/climbing wall/velodrome/pool/badminton court/whatever




Are we having a separate health and fitness thread?

I’d been heading out more but the garden track is still ready for action!


Can we make this a fatphobia free space please


Did you make that path with your own footsteps?

Yup, about 1,300 miles on it since mid-May.

My wife is not happy (garden)/happy (me).


Wow I’d love to make a path

I’ve promised to turf it in spring (or maybe summer).

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So I have signed up for a half marathon in May.


Other than that, yoga with adrienne, a bit of les mills when I can be arsed and a shit load of walking cause I :heart: walking


Alright, Captain Tom

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happy to make this that also if better!

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Pleased with myself for working out on the last day of the year 2020 and the second day of 2021 :muscle:

In 14 weeks I hope to be able to report that I have completed my 52nd week on Fit On doing at least 2 workouts a week - the workouts vary in length but the average I do is around 20 minutes and I often do a few back to back. Last week I earned the ‘On The Ball badge for completing 5 workouts in a single week for the 16th time’

I joined FitOn 38 weeks ago and have kept it up from the beginning.

Have been struggling to get up in the mornings and do my pre work cycle with for the last few months. Determined to get back in the habit now.



yeah happy to mention that

if you make negative comments about peoples’ weight (in either direction) you’re mince, m8s.

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this is a nice balance. i’m going with yoga, dumbbell sessions and the occasional 3k run to keep the heart healthy.

i might try out resistance bands this jan as something new tho

this is so good. morning workouts this time of year are a total bastard to get psyched for but i believe in us

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Still haven’t found a form of exercise I can tolerate and don’t have the self-discipline to do it anyway. Unbelievably shit knees don’t help. Sort of don’t mind weights but there’s no room inside for the bench, the shed is also too crowded, and I’m not doing them in the garden.

Could do a dumbbell routine but without “proper” benches and deadlifts it’s no fun.

Maybe I could try to get one (1) pull up done in 2021.


have gotten super into dumbbell routines. i posted a basic arms video on here yonks back that i try and stick to but also getting into ‘dumbbell deadlifts’ and so on

got some dumbbells from decathlon the other day - unbelievably at only 40 euros.

considering getting a treadmill because I despise running with a mask. well, not really considering, actually about to buy one.


nice. <3