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Hate them. I used to own some and I always hated the way they’d slip loose. I go super zen when I lift and don’t like breaking that atmosphere to fuck about with the weights. Even hate it being a necessary evil of benching!

Also want hex coz I need to be able to balance on them properly

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Yeah no chance of sales on this stuff right now, there’s too high demand for it

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So demotivated atm :pensive: Can’t get myself out of bed for my morning cycles, not pushing myself enough with fit on. Just feel so bleak with never-ending lockdown and relentless grey skies. What’s the point of anything?

How do you get yourself out of a slump?

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Totally in a slump. I think I’ve decided it’s mostly to do with the cold weather and I’ll just embrace it until March


This is what I keep telling myself to counteract my internal beratings! Its just rubbish because I know I feel better all round when I’m keeping to a consistent routine.

My slump motivation is usually just forcing myself to do something and then I remember I quite like it. Although I was into early morning walks for a while and it got cold and I was like fuck that for a laugh and stopped.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the down time/cold snuggly times. It’s difficult to do stuff at the moment. Just do some nice walks with podcasts to keep you ticking over


Think I have mentioned it before but I the trainer-led classes on the (free!) Nike Training Club app are excellent. I tend to play music in the background and it automatically dims it when they are speaking which is nice too. You do need a bit of space and some of the exercises encourage weights (although they do bodyweight options too).

Not sure if it is for everyone, but I have certainly found it helps my motivation to have a cheery trainer telling me what to do rather than trying to muddle through a routine myself.

Got to be the weather hasn’t it. Can’t be a coincidence we’re all feeling like this.

I’ve literally just come back from staring out the window and willing the snow to melt faster. Want to get back on my bike, but even going out for a walk looks like a bit of a risk.

Fuck February.

! Tell us more

beavering away at workouts, but with too much work lately i’m focussing on two or three strong efforts a week rather than daily stuff. it’s helping to just give time, like even 2 hours, to one idea for a while

Also I really really hate push ups. Does that mean that they are doing something for me? Currently struggling through doing 50 of them a few times a week (usually split 30/20). Urghhh.

Before the snow this was how I was transitioning on my bike riding. Got a bit silly in January chasing a monthly mileage target by going out every single day. Made a bit of a wreck of me, so I was aiming to stick to a few long/tough rides each week rather than lots of short ones and it was more convenient.

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Thank fuck for Ring Fit Adventure, the only exercise I can muster up any enthusiasm for right now

Can’t wait to get back to my spin class, just can’t get it when it’s on Zoom and in the same room I have to work in so I’ve not done their online one in months now

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Came back from my motivation slump this last week.
Sometimes find yoga a bit boring but the short session I did today felt great after my butt workout.


So low on energy today but made myself do two short workouts this afternoon :muscle:

Do these not contradict each other or am I missing something? I’m definitely on a 46 week streak as I’ve not missed a single week since I downloaded the app last March (even if one week I did just smash out two workouts last minute, on a Sunday)

I’m so puzzled

yeah this makes no sense at all :smiley:

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i am definitely feeling good about my overall gains with exercise. friends who havent seen me in a while have clocked that i’m broadening out, and my back is feeling strong which for me is a relief - for a while thought i was gonna have some real issues with pain and weakness there but it’s come out okay!


Is your ‘weekly workout goal’ something that you set or define somewhere in the app?

Fell off on things the last while due to a possible strained nerve in my elbow/shoulder/somewhere. Seem to have held on to whatever modest gains i’d made though.
Message received and understood: i am now old and need to be extra careful with form etc

Nabbed a cheap kettlebell yesterday, too heavy for me just yet but it’ll be nice to have it as a target to work towards.