Home Exercise Thread 2021

I’m really tempted to get a Garmin. I think I have convinced myself that I will run quicker if I have a more accurate GPS measuring my speed (which I think the Garmin has?)

depends on the garmin but yes they should. also useful to have your pace/splits on there so you can measure your efforts whilst you run. knowing that you need to run X per KM helps you chip away at your PBs and control your efforts whilst on your run.


I have a Polar HR monitor which does do that but I find the pace really inaccurate so, yeah, hard to control effort like you say.

I went for the forerunner 45 and have found it’s definitely more accurate than my Fitbit was. I only upgraded because my sleeve kept pausing my runs on the touchscreen of my Fitbit but turns out the Fitbit was just shit at everything anyway and this watch is great.

I’ve had it 3 months and still don’t understand half the stats and buzzing though!

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well done man

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I’ve missed this place. What a lovely morning to get back in the water


1 year of using the Fit On app :partying_face:
My set goal on fit on is 2 workouts a week

Proud of myself tbqh and so happy I’ve found something I genuinely look forward to and enjoy doing.

Feeling rubbish this week and really had to force myself to do anything this afternoon but once I got going I managed to do 3 workouts in a row :muscle: