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so. this was yday. no flex! progress wise things have accelerated quickly since i started boxing. this is basically 30 days of

  • no diet change at all
  • still drinking considerable amounts of booze
  • 30 minutes of hard boxing drills a day
  • often one additional thing: slow weight work, abs routine, pushup drills

the annoying thing is that my arms have toned but gotten a little smaller, but the thing that’s making me super happy is my stomach which for the first time in its life is starting to look like it has shape to it. gonna try and keep this routine up for another month and hopefully get even better results

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Pain. For years now. If I lie down with my arm raised above my head I cry out in pain when I move my arm back down. I used to get regular sharp pains in my shoulder/collarbone area but these have stopped since I started doing pilates etc.
I think it might be an old injury - about 8 years ago I fell quite spectacularly down some stairs in an attic room, crashing through the door and into the wall on the landing below. A few days later when my shoulder still hurt I went to the non-emergency hospital and was seen by a doctor who gave it a feel and said it was fine. Not done anything about it since :grimacing:

Fit On app. Has pilates and stretching routines and you can choose to focus on an area of the body or pick a type of workout (inc HIIT, barre, yoga etc) exercises for most levels of fitness.

I was a complete beginner when I started.

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Excellent, thank you! Downloading now…

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My legs are ruined from yesterday’s workout. Really struggling to sit down or stand up and my walk is a hobble.