Home exercise thread

What bounce you doing to keep fit while stuck at home? Got a home gym setup in the spare room? Getting into yoga practice? Getting outside for runs/walks/bike rides?

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Planning to either run or ‘walk to work’ every morning before I get started wfh.

Never done yoga but am optimistically going to give it a go, can anyone recommend any video tutorials for ** absolute beginners ** ?

Still getting out for 2/3 walks a day.

Did my first DPP Yoga session in ages this morning, will do a few of those a week.

Gonna give pilates more of a go too.

Was fantasising about having a bike this morning

Got a bit of a home gym in the spare room for weights and rings and such:

Hoping to follow lots of stretching videos so I get super flexible - have really lost a lot of mobility lately :frowning:

Also, hoping to do some kettlebel stuff for cardio.



Might try and run 500 laps of the car park this evening.


The same as I do everyday… Nothing.


That’s a good set up!

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Just bought a yoga mat. Been doing sit-ups, press-ups squats etc and going for walks round the park opposite my house

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ooh you lucky fucker. wish i had the space for a proper home gym.

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Still riding outside for as long as I can. Not stopping anywhere, not getting close to anyone.

Will drag the turbo out if we’re not allowed out I guess :sob: but I am quite quite concerned for my MH if that is the case. I’ve relied on riding to work every day for the last five years so much.

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I’ve got a yoga mat i just do core exercises for about 10 mins a day (and have been for the last month anyway) but im gonna ramp it up with some cardio as well so im at least doing 30 minutes each day. Any good youtube recommended videos for someone who isn’t totally unfit would be appreciated.

:smiley: do you really?

Thanks - want to get a bench at some point, but otherwise very happy with it.

I have various resistance bands, some kettle bells, an ab roller and a 50kg barbell and adjustable dumbbell set do I should be ok. I’m going to write down every circuit and core exercise I’ve done at the gym and try to put together some work out programmes. My gym app has some home workout stuff and my PT has been sending me stuff from Instagram.

I’m not going to lie though, it’s 5pm and I’ve only left my bed to go to the toilet so it’s not looking good.


Posted it in the health and fitness thread but I’m gonna have a go at the free live classes my local gym are starting doing on instagram, I did a HIIT one on Friday lunchtime and am gonna try and get back into pilates this way too

Might be fun to do some mutual sessions via zoom or something similar.

Been going for runs but think I might have the minimise those as it is a bit stressful trying to avoid people.

Bought 30kg adjustable barbell/dumbbells, ab roller and a matt. Using a mixture of my routine from the gym with some replacements and stuff from the Nike Training Club app. Feeling ok about it at the moment.

Or might just do this


I have a skipping rope, yoga mat and my tiny weights (1.5kg but I have no upper arm strength and i feel the burn with them :sweat_smile:) haven’t used anything yet but want to write a routine and use this lockdown well. Not going park, my hayfever is bad and it’s actually jam packed

Welcome to the powerhouse