Home exercise thread

My wife just got a Zumba game for the Switch (20 quid from Smyths) and is loving it.

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I’ve now got a home exercise bike. It’s my mums that she hasn’t used in years and has been trying to palm of on me for ages.

I’ve got some dumbells and I’m going to order a kettle ball.


I have one too - am absolutely useless at it and it bruised my sides :grinning::+1: (from almost certainly not doing it right)

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Got back into going out running in the last few weeks, just going out at 6:45ish, which even living in a city centre is quiet enough on a normal day…

did a bunch of KB swings yesterday, got sweaty but otherwise didn’t feel like they did a whole lot for me. woke up this morning and i’m really feeling it in the cheeks

so maybe i’ll come out of this quarantine with a great ass :peach:


Fitness blender mainly. Still going out for the odd run.


Gonna do loads up press-ups and get great arms, while also developing a killer beer belly from all the cans. Great combo.


The arms balance out the belly

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I just did a workout entitled ‘Your Best Booty’
There was a lot of swearing involved.
Feeling weirdly energised and motivated. Usually pretty crap at doing any extra exercise at the weekend but I managed a wo both yesterday and today. Going to try to channel all my anxiety and restlessness into making me strong and flexible :muscle:


Got out for a half marathon this morning as I doubt I’ll be able to do long runs for long.

If the measures increase then turbo sessions and god forbid I may have to do a press up at some point

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Getting on my exercise bike for 20-30 minutes every other day is doing wonders for my anxiety and general stress levels, it’s helping me get a load of pent up energy out

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Really tempted to buy a boxing bag, put it in the basement and just go whale on it whenever I get stressed out


Great idea :facepunch:

I try to get up and do 40 mins on the bike every day before getting ready for work (except a couple of days a week when I go for a 5k walk with @avery instead), after years of exercising for a couple of weeks then giving up, I’ve actually managed to keep this up pretty consistently for the last 18 months or so and it’s been great for my general well being :blush:


That is amazing.

Running on your own is OK, isn’t it?

Realised today I could probably do couch to 5k to keep me fit(ish) while I wait for football to be an option again.

I was just dancing in the kitchen and I thought it would be quite fun to learn some music video dance routines while we’re stuck at home.
I did a few dance classes with an ex colleague and she taught us a section of the choreography from the video for Telephone and it was pretty cool going home, watching the video and realising I could do 1 minute of the dance :joy:
Wonder if there are any tutorials online…

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Yep it’s fine and I’ve picked up Couch to 5k again in the past week. Just need to keep distance from others which is quite easy when running to be fair.

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YouTube videos mainly. I have small weights and kettle bell so hoping to do something every morning. Still need a mat but not sure I should order one

seen so many people out running the past couple of days. don’t know if it’s just the nice weather drawing them out or if everyone is starting new lockdown fitness routines