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inb4 omg you twatttt lol but aside from a crummy little set of weights i have been sorta tempted to get some small apparatus (you’ve got small apparatus mate lol!!) like one of those fold up treadmills or some bullshit. i don’t know. what do you think about all this?

  • proper shit for twats
  • just go to a gym
  • i have some home gym gear (detail below pls)
  • just some weights
  • i don’t have any but would maybe like something
  • other (lol)

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probably fine if you think you’re going to make good use of it.

Got a turbo trainer for my bike, got some mats for floor/bodyweight stuff, got some weights and a bench in the garage.

Mostly don’t use it and complain about my knees.


I feel like it would probably be a lot easier to break the habit of doing it if it was in your own home as opposed to going out to the gym for the equivalent?

“You not been working out lately?”


I used to have some weights - but they were such a hassle to use, and took up space etc . I gave them away recently

I do have a doorframe mounted pull up bar that gets reasonably regular use. Doesn’t take up much room - but prob not great if you are renting as it removes paint from the frame

For home working out you can’t beat a good press-up - and no equipment required

I have a turbo trainer for my bike, but don’t use it much cos I find it boring

Want to get my own yoga matt and do the odd youtube yoga workout to complement the weekly class I go to

I really want a Pelaton bike

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Got a few weights and a pull-up bar that hangs over a door frame, have asked for something better from santa.

Could do with a mat as well.

Would love a dedicated training space at home, where I can climb and workout. Something like this:

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If you do get stuff, try and get it second hand as there are loads of things floating around on ebay etc where people bought them and they just ended up being a very expensive clothes horse.

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What, you’re too good to climb the outside of your own house? Pfft.

The opposite, m7709.1r

I’m not good enough to climb the outside. I need to train for that.

kin ell!

yeh that’s a good shout, should probably wait til people are trying to shift em after christmas eh

Get some erection specialists round, put some scaffolding up. Easy.

My housemate bought loads of stuff recently to do these home work outs and fuck me it makes SO MUCH noise. We’re on the ground floor but still it’s like she’s lobbing bricks around in there.

I’d never use it. I can only go to the classes. I can’t even just go to a normal gym as I know i’ll do fuck all without someone leading me. I need a PT really. That’s the goal.

That’s the worst time to buy it. You need to purchase stuff like that at the height of summer. Everyone has already got their “beach body” :face_vomiting:

i do kind of count myself in the ‘just go to a gym’ camp but fuck, they are such awful places


Would like to get a treadmill, or a bike but I live in the second floor and as much as I hate my neighbours and they don’t give a shit about me I don’t think I could do that to them.

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March/April is the best time to pick up a bargain.

I’m sorry m9 but you’ve got to accept at least some teasing for this.

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