Home Safety

I think a guy at work has his CCTV set up on his work computer to watch the house? But his commute is HOURS so whats the point?

Saw a piece on This Morning about home security…but aren’t we at the stage where the burglars are cleverer than that? It’s a little doorbell that you can speak out of wherever you are and you can go “ooh sorry i’m in the bath! Can you come back later?”

You got anything fancy going on?
Also what’s your address?

Got a Logitech Circle 2 camera in the hallway, which I can view online and send audio to a bit like those camera doorbell dealies. Mostly got it because the thinly veiled was getting antsy about whether or not she’d locked the house properly, but tbh I just use it to see if the postman’s been or not.

look mate, I made a great thread on this topic, and then @xylo made a far inferior thread on the topic, but I allowed it, and now another one!
Look, the takehome is only me and imaperv would live with ourselves after killing an intruder or something

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I have CCTV in the garden and ground floor rooms (it was already installed when I bought my house last year). I spent the first month when I moved in paranoid that the previous owners were somehow still able to watch it (fortunately, after much checking, they can’t as it just feeds to a hard drive in a cupboard).

Got a fucking amazing door mate. No one’s getting through that.

I think i may need one of these pointing at my hair straighteners cause i’ve taken to taking pics of my plug socket on my phone to make sure I unplugged them…even though they go off automatically after 30 mins but I don’t trust that shit!

Cricket bats.

Ok now I’m paranoid that you can somehow see the feed from the cameras!

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You could get one of those wifi enabled plugs that you can turn on/off from your phone? TP-Link sell them for about £20 or so.

Jokes on anyone who breaks in, I’ve got nothing worth stealing bitchessssss

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Round my way people only bother taking stuff from the student houses, because they all have shiny new laptops and bikes, and are less likely to have any kind of security.

Also next door have a massive telly and leave their curtains open all night, so if anyone in my street was going to get broken into it would be them not us.

golf club in the wardrobe, as standard.

Call the rozzers from work, I guess

More security on the bikes in the shed than the actual house, obviously

My mate recently got burgled and they took the huge stick of salami he brought back from Florence


Oh I’ve got loads of them knocking about.

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Got my Jedi Knight dressing gown and Star Wars slippers, reckon I’ll be fine.

I use my reputation as local hardcase to protect my property and kin.

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Got an alarm we never set. In the new place, we have one of them cameras next to the front door, no idea if I can do anything fancy with my phone with it or owt, but ya know. Cool, maybe.