Homebakers of DiS!

are there any?

I was given some sourdough starter the other week so have accidentally got into sourdough baking. Done a typical couple of loaves (James Beard’s recipe) and a sourdough rye using Beard’s ingredients but a different recipe (I don’t think he gets sourdough, tbh). Results were OK. Unsure how much further to take it.

Got some brownies in the oven rn too


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Went through a bit of a spell where I was knocking up a loaf here and there about 18 months ago but haven’t baked anything for ages.

Will make a cake for my gf’s birthday this year after she moaned about me not having done so before during yesterday’s Masterchef USA dreaded pressure test (which was making birthday cakes for Masterchef USA’s 100th birthday)

ah, the dreaded guiltcake


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thanks hun

Thanks, friend!

It’ll probably end up being in the shape of a Utd shirt with her name and age on the back if my previous birthday cake baking is anything to go by (attempts to get my little bro into football back in the day were all-encompassing but ultimately unsuccessful)


We made some cupcakes for my step-mum’s birthday the other day. Gin and Tonic ones. With little umbrellas in. I think she liked 'em.

What’s your mix, mate? You a classic 4,4,4,2 kind of guy?

Aye, I’d guess so. Was amazed to learn how little flour is necessary to put into brownies just recently.

Bold flavours! Yeah, I’m a fan of ginger cake. I like that it tastes better after its rested for 24 hours or so - it ages nicely :slight_smile:

Yeah my brownies are probably less than 5% flour.

LOVE to bake but have stopped a bit recently because I couldn’t be arsed I clear up the mess and I was just eating it all.


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150g flour
25g cocoa
175g sugar
175g butter/marge
3 eggs

bake until tasty and ice with buttercream and/or fondant.


They are brilliant!

Why are you congratulating the guy? We all shit.

I was just pretending that he was pregnant… standard DiS joke

Making a birthday cake for my mum this evening as her present hasn’t arrived in time and I can then at least turn up with something.

Tried to make a Lemon tart the other week. Put the tart case back in the over for 5 more mins and then got distracted. Was completely black when I got it out 2 hours later. Lets hope it goes better than that

Nice. I’d say a cake’s as good present in itself! Any idea what type you’re cookin’?

fucking hell. These are great. I’ve got a long way to go…

Making her a honey cake which is not anything I never tried or made before but present is a bee keeping trial thing so it kind of fits. Will add some raspberries on top and some other stuff to make it a bit more impressive.