Homebrew Wankers strike back

Hello fellow homebrew wankers. Hows your brewing doing? I’ve been trying to make the perfect rye IPA recently. Not quite nailed it yet, think I need more Mosaic hops in there.


Haven’t brewed for ages, despite getting a new fermentation bucket. I usually do it with mates but we’ve been struggling to find the time.

More worryingly, my mates and I signed up at Ubrew, but haven’t actually been for a session yet. I’m worried my friend is being charged every month for the membership, but when I bring it up, he’s sort of evasive. I guess as long he doesn’t pass the cost on, it’s up to him… but still.

He’s either not signed up or he’s definitely getting charged. I should say that when I was a member it was a years fees up front but that might have changed.

I brewed there for a year but haven’t renewed. It’s a great idea but it was just too over subcribed at the obvious times and you’d find yourself waiting for kit to become available, which made the whole thing a little frustrating.

Urgh, he’s usually super organised, so not sure what’s happened. It took us ages to even get a spot, because the waiting list was full, but because we went to a lot of events and got to know Matt and folks, they got us in.

fourpack of Stella is always preferable though, right?

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Just had to look up uBrew. So its essentially a beer club, where they’ve bought all the kit and rent it out to homebrewers/small scale commercial. Decent idea. How much is the membership you’re not paying?

Something like £50 a month? Split between at least four of us, would be fine if we were using it semi-regularly… but we’re obviously not.

Went to my mum and dads next door neighbours brew pub on Friday.
He’s got a £45k 3 barrel kit and it’s amazing. Said i can do a collab brew with him

Haven’t brewed anything in ages. Need to get some yeast and get back on it. Don’t want to make another IPA though now that it’s coming into winter, but I have the gran and the hops for one…

Any suggestions on making an IPA a bit wintrier? Stick some liquorice in it or something?

Aye aye.

Anyone here ever grown their own hops? Thinking of sticking some in this winter.


Any recommendations on best starter kits? Ta


Not done owt for ages. Will probably pick up again when I’m feeling depressed post-xmas.

I do have some bottles of xmas barleywine I’m going to label up nicely and give away as presents to some “lucky” recipients. They possibly ming as it was a recipe from a book involving figs. The wort tasted ok and pre- carbonation it tasted almost like sherry.

Do you mean the sort that you just add water to a wort syrup and ferment? If so, then I’ve never known much difference between any of them, all just tasted like generic homemade beer. But they are good for making sure you can maintain a good fermentation temperature.

For fun, small scale all grain brewing I’d suggest these guys:


Or these guys:


Pretty similar tbh.

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These look good ta :thumbsup:

I did this. Planted 2 challenger plants. One failed miserably. The other has worked a treat, and I’ve got a decent harvest to come. Not sure if I’ve got enough to do a brew just using my hops, will have to see what they weigh when dried.

Reckon I’m gonna break away from my summer wheat beers/pale ales and go for an autumnal red ale. Anyone else brewing at the moment?

gonna get my first kit this autumn (spare room where it’ll be would’ve been far too hot during ‘summer’)



Know someone who’s got a £90k 6-barrel kit.

Got cider on the go after having a year off.

Doing a ‘wild brew’ in which i let the natural yeasts do the business and add nothing.

Doing a ‘safe brew’ involving campden tablets after pressing and then pitching some added (cider) yeast.

Currently, the wild one is bubbling away real nicely, but the safe one appears to have stuck and is developing a weird film on top - danggg.