Homebrew Wankers strike back

I’ve just bottled up a White IPA which should be ready in time for Christmas, forgot to add Irish moss during the boil so it’s a bit cloudier than I would have liked but will pass it off as being trendily hazy.

Found some of last September’s chocolate orange stouts in the back of a cupboard and holy shit they have matured well, regret drinking the majority so early now.

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they both sound amazing!

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I hope the White IPA turns out OK…it was going to be my cheap Christmas present for friends!

DiS home brew swap anyone?

I’ve not got anything to swap, but you’re south coast based right (Southampton…?)? I’d love to try a bottle

Not got my brew on for over a year now.

Might have another go…

Yeah I’m Southampton - will let you know when the batch is ready!

Could do a Southampton meet! I’m Winchester so not far away.

Would love to do this but don’t have enough room. Maybe If I get a bigger place I could make rhe excess rent up by selling beer.

Yes! South Coast Beer Meet.

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Post NY would be great as work is about to go ballistic. Whereabouts in Southampton are you?

Just outside central - late Jan / early Feb would be good for me!

Perfecto. I’ll send a DM at some point after Xmas then.

How’s the brewing going.

All my cider is kegged/bottled (And some is drunk).

The ‘wild brew’ was really good. Smooth, apple-y and developing a nice spritz as it it continues to mature. The ‘safe brew’ came out OK - had some problem with film yeast but managed to sort it pretty easily. It’s a less tasty cider but probably stronger.

All good. Got a coffee milk stout barrelled up for New Year, then a brown ale and a wheat beer prepared for a competition.

I keep wanting/getting fancy bits of kit. Getting a Tilt Hydrometer over Xmas, get me some lovely fermentation graphs going.

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The TV and I have just labelled up out first brew (done from a kit) :smiley:


Thinly veiled ‘I may have read Infinite Jest’

The labels just comes with it or you get to design them yourself. They look quite nifty.

We made the labels ourselves :slight_smile:

Oh god haha hadn’t even noticed the books… :sweat_smile: (I also like cooking Japanese food too don’t you know!)

Nice! I’m really behind on my brews at the moment. Usually do nettle beer and elderflower wine around this time.

Might try and find some elderflowers tomorrow.

Bottled me Elderflower Champagne.


Currently drinking brew number 3… a grapefruit ipa, turned out great.

Brew 2, a mocha porter was :ok_hand:

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