Homeland S8

Not sure when this will be available for us to watch and it will be terrible, but a small handful of us will definitely (hate) watch it and this will be the thread to talk about it.

Can’t even remember where we left Carrie last time round.

genuinely had no idea homeland was still a thing. is there anyone still in it from the beginning?

I haven’t watched it for a few years (last one was the Berlin one I think) but I could’ve sworn the last season was also announced as the last one?!?

That global war on terror, how will it end?!!?

We watched up to the end of S6 which was back in the States, New York somewhere. I think we then watched the first episode of S7 and wondered what the fuck we were thinking and gave up.

Jeez, this is still going?!

Never seen it but isn’t it supposed to be thrilling and gripping in the first couple of seasons before a MASSIVE decline (but then an almost as massive unexpected return to form?)

Season 1 - great
Everything else - pure shite

S1: great at times, absolute garbage at other times.

S2-4: shite

S5: ooh, not bad

S5: nah, back to shite

All true.

Still gonna watch it.

watched the first episode of season 8 last night, it was fine tbh

the last really good season was the one set in Berlin

Is Inigo Montoya still in it?

uh huh. everyone else dead tho.

watched the last episode of this last night, thought they wrapped up things reasonably well and bizarrely even seemed to leave it open to being brought back at some point