Homeland Season 6

This is a bit boring isn’t it?

Oh… Saul getting bundled into a van. Again.

the fuck is going on with this?

I actually quite enjoyed it when Quinn just pushed the reporter down the steps and shot the protester

So ridiculous, innit? Although I felt afterwards like maybe the fault was how badly they signposted that Quinn was either off his meds or completely mentally unstable, because it just seemed like the craziest ramp up. Who’s the guy throwing rocks? None of this made any sense at all. As soon as he assaulted a journalist the news crews would call the police.

The only bit that I liked was when she discovered they had zero idea who had leaked the NSA phone recording. I hadn’t expected that, just assumed she was about to fuck up that guy’s life in classic style.

I like how literally every member of the cast seems to be part of the production team. Like a school play.

More misery for Quinn!! Hoorah!

He’s up there with Jesse from Breaking Bad now as “most-beaten-up least fortunate character in a drama”

Just not sure if nearly killed by chemical weapon is better or worse than 8 months as neo nazi drug lab slave.

Watching Sunday’s and this is just silly

After not being bothered early in the season I’m enjoying it now. I’m a big fan of when Quinn gets badass though so probably why I can overlook all the silliness. It was even more silly last season though wasn’t it?

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Yeah, this episode I mean specifically as I thought the last few weeks improved a lot.

But that whole sock puppet thing was pure :joy:

I’ll allow artistic licence but in the last episode, one of the top brass in The CIA and his cronies bundled the Iranian guy in a hotel laundry trolley after putting a black hood over him at gunpoint. Don’t bother checking for his mobile phone though huh?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s watchable. It’s got an ok mix between being a spy show and a series of 24. I think the third series was the worst where there were pointless explosions and plot lines of the son of vice president running someone over whilst joyriding. Currently it’s not as good as the first series but better than it’s been before.

Guess everyone got bored of this then?

I actually thought the final few episodes were decent, if at the usual unbelievable standards. The ran at a breakneck pace.

Apart from the final Six Weeks Later bit where they seemed so determined to set up some kind of cliffhanger for another season they just decided to go down some weird turn.

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the alt-right dickheads were right!

also quinn’s death just felt like merciful release by now.


including the scriptwriters when they realized they had to make a whole last episode. And then didn’t bother.

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Thanks to a list of 99p Kindle offers I now know there are a bunch of Homeland novels out there. People actually want to read literature based on this stuff!

I got given one for Christmas a few years back. It’s buried underneath a huge stack of books, completely unread and it shall remain there for a long, long time to come.

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Are any of them about how she came to join the CIA and did she ever get over Jordan Catalano and was Graham’s restaurant a success.

You’re asking the wrong man.

I do recall once reading a Babylon 5 novel I found in the library which was c. Season 2 of the show.

It was. Odd.

I think the only off-shot books I ever enjoyed from a film or TV show were those Timothy Zahn ones set 5 years after Return of the Jedi with Admiral Thrawn in. And they’re probably absolute bumhat if I were to read them again now, as a fully functioning adult.

Has his been formally signed off? Anyone?

Watched s7 ep1.


So in this alternative reality it turns out the woman candidate won the presidency and she’s turned out to be a sinister authoritarian and the rightwing shock jock blowhard character is a righteous outlaw on the run from the authorities. Alex Jones wank fantasy basically. I think I’m done.

Didn’t finish the last season and not sure I can be bothered to catch up. Then again seems like a waste to watch 5 1/2 seasons of a 7 season show and not ride it out to the conclusion. That’s how they get you isn’t it.