Homeland Season 6

Well after 5 or 6 series of Walking Dead I realised “there is no conclusion”.


Hah hah, yeah we watched the first episode and just gave up so we’re finally free, I guess.

The Guardian Guide thing about this summed up nicely the problem with President Keane which is basically that no matter how hard they make her out to be morally dubious and awful, she’s so far behind Trump that you’re a bit ‘meh’.

And like you say, the Alex Jones character on the run as some sort of possible good guy is farcical, especially after you saw him last season literally making shit up for his political agenda.

All that’s true but I’m still watching.

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I think it was that in the first episode it managed to touch on every single standard trope of the series:

  • She’s not believed
  • Ridiculous levels of paranoia vs completely pathetic espionage to try to get around it (a dark wig, really?)
  • Her job is more important than her daughter
  • Puts innocent members of her family in danger and/or lying for her
  • Burns bridges of goodwill with people on her side due to her ego
  • Saul gets to be all noble about patriotism while being inscrutable

In fact the only thing that didn’t happen was one of her friends getting killed thanks to her being a fucking idiot. :smiley:

watched the final episode last night, it’s worth tracking down for the last 10 seconds alone as it contains some of the worst (and possibly offensive) “over-acting to appear mentally disturbed” you’ll ever see

I’ve quite enjoyed this series, tbh. Obviously it’s a bit OTT and repetative, but it’s definitely still pretty good. The fact that it’s now aping real world stuff means it’s ran its course, but i still look forward to it every week.

Series 1 was exceptional. Series 3 where Brody was holed up abroad somewhere was really watchable in a cinematic sense, and Series 5 in Berlin was very good.

Series 2 (basically what should have been wrapped up in S1), S4 especially (Kabul), and Series 6 (the foundation) were a bit naff.