Homemade pizza: an advice and positivity thread



never made good homemade pizza. Gimme some tips yo


:pizza: Let that dough rise for a long time somewhere cosy and warm
:pizza: don’t use watery tomato sauce
:pizza: or watery veg, ruined many a good pizza with soggy sweetcoen before


unless you happen to have a wood-fired oven, I wouldn’t bother.


please check the thread title and edit your post accordingly


Feel like homemade pizza can only ever be 7/10 at best

  1. buy a pizza for a place that makes it’s money making pizza, with experienced chefs who make pizza a lot, using the same amount of money that you would have spent on ingredients.
  2. eat that pizza
  3. have about 6 more hours left in your day with which to do other things


I’d take that. Obviously not gunna be as good but making things is fun and nice


unless you happen to have a wood-fired oven, I would bother.


making things is a fun and nice way to spend your time


[citation needed]


Feel like you gotta except that your base is never gonna be all that and just work on making a good sauce


Less can sometimes be more when it comes to toppings.


Get a pizza stone if you can

Good quality cheese is where it’s at


:pizza: Reduce that tin of chopped tomatoes, no pre-made purée for you
:pizza: Make the tomato sauce as tasty as possible, using garlic, herbs, salt, pepper, spices onions. Obviously.
:pizza: If you use meat you deserve a bad pizza. Thinly sliced aubergine should be your main ingredient in honest my opinion, along with other vegetables like sweet peppers, more onion, maybe mushroom or courgette and some pine nuts.
:pizza: I tend to roast the vegetables for a bit before putting them on the pizza. They shouldn’t be fully cooked, but generally pizzas arent in the oven long enough to properly roast vegetables.
:pizza: It needs some sort of kick or it’s gonna be a bit bland. I would suggest blue cheese, or maybe some truffle oil, or maybe both. Or plenty of kalamata olives, maybe with a bit of pesto.
:pizza: I sincerely hope that you’re using mozarella as your main cheese ingredient. Can be supplemented with cheddar and aforementioned blue cheese, of course.




Nothing tastes as good as crispy cheddar around the edges of things.


Aubergine and courgette are too watery surely? and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with (punchy, strong) meats (parma ham, fennel salami, anchovies etc.) on a pizza. Other points gleefully taken on board


Nah oven roast aubergine in loads of olive oil and slice drooool


Get some chili oil in too

Fffuuuu i want pizza


I’ve gradually upped my game over the years, from putting toppings on a pre-made pizza base (yeah, I know) to where I’m at now. We don’t have a pizza oven but we have pizza stones and they really do help with the crust.

Things I do:

  • make my own sauce with passata or blitzed chopped tomatoes, simmered down to a purée consistency
  • mix a bit of semolina (about 1/5) in with the bread flour
  • make sure the oven and stones are as hot as they can be.

Mistakes I’ve made:

  • using cheap mozzarella balls for the cheese
  • using a sauce that’s too liquidy
  • overloading a thin crust pizza

Ignore the haters upthread: you can make good pizza at home in your own oven.