Homeowners: Give me your towel rack + toilet roll holder faves

Yeah, really.

We have quite a narrow bathroom that’s basically just a bath on one side and the same space next to it, as wide as the door, leading to the sink.

So we could conceivable put a rack on the back of the door but it might hinder the door opening a bit and it would impact on the wall?

But basically, interested in all options.

Currently we have an IKEA set (that I can’t see on the site anymore) which are annoying because they hang off bits screwed into the wall and they’ve started to wonky so now they fall off all the time.

Have to hang these on a stud wall so really nothing too heavy.


Leave them all on the floor. What are you, The Queen?


Dunno. We need to totally redo the bathroom and haven’t even started thinking about it yet. Apart from the floor. I want rubber floor.

How about one of those towel rack things that essentially goes above the bath, at the opposite end to the taps? The kind you might get in a hotel.

I’m not sure what your choice is re: toilet roll holders, aren’t they all basically the same?

They may all be. I was just looking for suggestions in case I’d missed something amazing.

Opposite end of the bath is a decent suggestion except I’d have to read about how to drill through tiles. Still, I can probably work that out. Cheers.


Our towel rack is on the back of the door. We’ve not done up the bathroom since we moved in. If works perfectly well, it’s probably ideal as it’s next to the shower.

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Drilling through tiles is fairly straightforward. Just stick a bit of strong tape over the place where you want to drill. Obviously check this on Google but I can remember it looking fairly easy as I watched a proper ‘man’ do this particular job for me, ha ha

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Yeah I have a Haynes manual downstairs that I think covers this sort of thing. Just, you know, I’m shit at stuff at the best of times :expressionless:

I met up with the guy who did our bathroom at the football a while back. He was midway through a loft conversion for Eric Dier, and his parents were sort of project managing it for him. He didn’t realise who he was - thought he was just a layabout son. Eric came up to him one morning with a brochure for the towel rails he wanted - £35K!!

He said to Eric “Err, they’re quite expensive… Have you spoken to your Mum?”. Eric Dier was all ‘Mate.’

We got ours in Bathstore. Saw the same one dumped outside someones house near me yesterday actually.


IKEA do a loo roll holder that is free standing and holds the back up rolls in a tube underneath.

We have one downstairs, is good!

Towels…ours go over the bannister or on the towel warmer radiator thing. Others in the airing cupboard, in short I dunno .

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Good that. Bottle holder too – essential.

Those over-the-door hangers are good

This anecdote is probably better if you don’t have Google who Eric Dier is but… :smiley:


I actually did buy one from IKEA once but we have these astonishingly heavy internal fire doors and they’re thicker than whatever the IKEA one expected so I’ve been loathe to try any others since.




Where’s your shitter?

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Just a very tight space for back of door stuff, you see.

That said, the lady before had a big thing stuck on it and the wall was fine so…