Honey G


Following on from the “Is Strictly Come Dancing racist?” thread, comes another thread about Saturday night light entertainment and troubling elements of racial awareness.

I argued that Honey G is better than Kate Tempest, but whether that says more about Honey or Tempest, I don’t know.


That article is bang on.

To be filed alongside acoustic covers of urban music and comedy rap-battles.


Kate Tempest is great, you chump!


yup. Pretty odd that they let someone who’s clearly a low-rent character comedian on to the X-Factor with an obviously problematic act.


Tempest is proper, proper shit

EDIT - Think someone on here described her as Mike Skinner without a chorus or a sense of humour, which is pretty bang on


It’s hard to get past the first 17 seconds of this


Some shit on snapchat this morning was all like "are whatever’s replacement fake??! It’s just four girls who can sing smashed together in a group.,.YOU CAN HEAR THEM SING, WHAT IS FAKE YOU FUCKING SUN CUNT MORONS?

A great thread on Mumsnet this morning was some wank having a rant that the people who finished lasty this week on Strictcly Damcing were both black.




The most cringe thing I’ve ever witnessed.


Hmmmm - I quite enjoy writing ‘novelty’ raps, as evidenced by my posting history on here. I think it comes from an appreciation of the poetry of rap and an admiration for the ability of top rappers to work with interesting rhyme schemes while still getting across a point or story. But maybe I’m the same problem that the Guardian is writing about?


I assumed it was a kind of a Lee Nelson style send-up novelty act when I saw it. I didn’t think anyone would have so little self awareness as to try and do that with any seriousness.


fuck’s this shit? (94 seconds btw)


Do you remember that pair of shit white children who did rapping on britain’s got talent one year. Can’t remember their name


Lots of X Factor contestants do shitty raps in an American accent during their songs. Modern day blackface? Get a fucking grip, Christ.


I heard one of her songs for the first time on 6 music this morning…

This is just like bad slam poetry you can see in a room above a pub anywhere in London any day of the week.


Probs not the best response to a black person saying something’s problematic tbh


I honestly believe, and I don’t mean this as any sort of boast, that I could write a poem that would be utterly indistinguishable from a Kate Tempest poem by anyone but Kate Tempest herself.


There’s a thin distinction between ironic rap stuff that comes from a place of general appreciation and the stuff I’m talking about which is nearly always framed as “look how unhip these white people are” when in actual fact it’s “look how absurd and mockable hip-hop is”.



But are we at the point where hip-hop IS mockable? Is hip-hop still interchangeable with black culture?