Honey G


I just remembered Mr B this morning. Where would chap-hop fit into this? More the first than the second?


Nonsense. She’s lyrically adept, her work is as passion-fuelled as any of the traditional rap canon, and she weaves a great story. She engages with urban issues in a way which feels refreshing and with a pro-female stance which is still desperately lacking in the mainstream rap industry.


Anything is mockable, very little is so widely accepted to be mocked with such a questionable source for it’s mockery IMO.


Fuck that fucking guy.


What about Azealia Ba ABANDON POST


God, this reminds me of creative writing class in BA English.

Trying so hard to be meaningful about life and like everything.


But Mr B really obviously loves hip hop to an obsessive degree.


He should fucking now better then shouldn’t he


More of a Professor Elemental fan eh?


Yeah, maybe.


I guess there’s several categories of send-up:

  • white people who (I think) are sending up other white people (e.g. Ali G, Lee Nelson);
  • white people whose problematic, poor joke has somehow been latched upon by people who really should know better (Honey G);
  • absolute insufferable bellends (Mr B, The Gentleman Rapper)


So is Honey G a joke character? Not a genuine x-factor try-hard? I’m only vaguely aware of her.


I think part of the issue is people don’t really know.


Looks like it’s a parody / joke. Or at least, she should know a hell of a lot better:

“But in real life Anna Gilford is a middle-class, former competitive tennis player from Harrow, who has a masters degree in management and runs her own recruitment company.”


Might do a separate music thread on this topic more generally. Remember we had a thread on top 10 hip hop albums a while back on the old boards and it there was hardly a female rapper in sight (possibly none at all). Been absolutely rinsing Jean Grae recently off the back of that (and I will defend Kate Tempest to the hilt) but would like more suggestions.


If you haven’t already listened to the Noname record you really fuckin’ should man

(Same goes for everyone frankly)


Ah fair enough. Cos I’m sure there’s been loads of hip-hop and R&B loving white kids on X-Factor of the years trying to emulate their heroes.


Imagine not having The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in there!


haven’t read the article, nor do I know who Honey G is, but I wholeheartedly agree


Always looked to me like a middle-aged / middle-class white woman sending up the middle-aged / middle-class white men who act like they’re black.
Overstating things a bit by claiming it is Modern Day Blackface or whatever. She’s no Black & White Minstrel Show I can tell you