Hong Kong (not dead)

Fellow Dissers, next week i am off to Hong Kong for work (ish). Will have 3 nights there and would like to hear any recommendations of what to see, where to stay/eat/drink etc etc?!
Our very own @laelfy has already been very very helpful in all matters Hong Kong and visas.

My pal from Milngavie owns a gym out there now. Probably wouldn’t go there.

where, the the gym or Hong Kong?!

Both really.

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Just asked my mate for tips as he lives there, got this response:

‘male? single? hot? gay?’

don’t think he’s gonna be much help.


I might end up with a work trip to Hong Kong in a couple of months too, so I’m watching this thread with interest

Do you like weightlifting gyms and eccentric Glaswegians, by any chance?

Au contraire

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what sort of things do you enjoy (when travelling, not when engaging in things)

They haven’t been a big feature in my life so far, but how dull would it be if you kept your doors closed to new opportunities?

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Never been but everyone I know who has says that Tim Ho Wan is unmissable.

Go hiking

Edit: also you could take a short trip to Macau for an afternoon/evening


actually quite interested in this gym now

got a website?

I’m there next week too (pleasure not work). Will be something like my 10th visit :+1:

Stay as central as you can. Take the fernicular up to The Peak for daytime views, watch the nightime city lightshow from the Kowloon side. Catch the Star Ferry over to Kowloon and eat/shop the night market. Ride the mid-level escalators to the more interesting streets above Central. Visit the zoo and botanical gardens. If you have the time, take the ferry over to Lamma Island for the beach, the cable car up to The Big Buddha on Lantau, catch a cab around to Stanley. As mentioned ^above, eat in Tim Ho Wan for the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant - there are actually a bunch of affordable Michelin starred restaurants in HK. Even for three days, it’s probably worth getting yourself an Octopus card - you can use them for all transport (aside from the airport train maybe) plus generally just pay for stuff, and they’re super easy to top up everywhere. Cabs are super cheap in HK, so don’t even bother walking (do - it’s nice and compact).

Enjoy :+1::+1:

EDIT: Are you over for HK Sonar for work? If not, that is also on next week…


There are lots of really great, and very cheap, dim sum places out there in shopping malls (Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan being the best well-known).

Definitely go up to the Peak and walk around Lugard Road.

Head across to Lantau Island and climb to the top of the Tian Tan Buddha, have lunch in the monastery, then catch the cable car back.

If you go up the ICC tower, go to the bar at the top and buy a drink - it costs less than the observation deck.

Just wandering around TST/Kowloon (eg Nathan Road), catching the ferries between Kowloon and the island and catching the trams along Des Voeux Road is fun, and can easily take up a day.

If you get time then a trip to Stanley and Repulse Bay (both are on the same bus route) are worth doing.

I can’t remember other bars/restaurants off the top of my head, but could look them up when I get home.


Will PM because it’s a bit doxxy.

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I’m pretty easy when cutting about places. I like to just go for a wander and find wee bars and places to eat, always trying out the local food and trying not to find places loaded with tourists.
I have been to the Far East in about 20 years so really looking forward to it.
Always love finding wee galleries and museums and all that.

Cheers Petagno, this is all good.
Didn’t even realise sonar happened in HK. :+1:

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Thanks marckee. This gives me plenty more to go on.

Thirding the Lantau Island and Buddha trip. Well worth doing in its own right, but Lantau is also the birthplace of Chow Yun Fat, which makes it far cooler than wherever you and I might be right now.

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