Do you like hoodies (the item of clothing, not the embodiment of feral youth conjured up by the Tories a few years ago)? I’ve always had a couple of cheap ones for occasional use, but am really quite into them at the moment, and think I need a slightly nicer one that my current offering. Where’s good to get them? Uniqlo? ASOS?

Hoodie chat welcomed.


I’m wearing one right now! It’s been too warm to wear it for a while.


It’s the one I got to replace the brown one I left on a plane once, I sometimes wonder where (wear lol) it ended up.


Yep, I love a hoodie. Current hoodies in use:

  • navy basic zip-up hoodie from H&M £15
  • the above but in burgundy
  • a nice, thin, supersoft burgundy from GAP


My office is kept at ferociously cold temperatures, so have been relying on my black hoodie (Primark, a few years old) for a while now. Think I deserve something a bit better.


yeah love em. always get them from American Apparel.


I’ve got a Superdry one that is ridiculously warm, so much so that I can only wear it in the absolute depths of winter (or when up north)…


are we supposed to say where we got our hoodies? Mine if from uniqlo.


Have you ever worn your hoodie like this before:


Not a fan. But I’m in the market for a cheap workout one (plain).


Tend to wear a zip-up hoody as my interim between a light jacket and a very rarely worn proper coat


it’s navy with a big hood, I think a big hood is important


this man knows and is in tune with the seasons


Was a big fan for a while but recently I’ve got into lumberjack shirts more. I have two thin ones and a thicker one for winter. I combine those with a couple of really light Uni Qlo woollen jumpers (merino wool I think? So between the two I can account for almost all layers I need.


If you would recommend it, I am very keen to know where you purchased them.


hoodies are nice and comfy, don’t see the point in getting an expensive one though.
currently wearing a blue one my sister found and gave me


I like wearing mine in the winter with a t shirt underneath and a coat or leather jacket over the top. That’s right, I’m very cool.


yep, cheap, comfy, warm

not a lot to dislike


I have two hoodies, both of which I have owned for ten years, both of which were from H&M. I still like wearing them a lot, but would probably wear them less if I could find a jumper that I would wear over a shirt/t-shirt and which fits me (in order for me not to tear the upper arms when I take it off, every jumper seems to need to be cut way too baggy around my stomach).


That’s right, we’re very cool.