hooking up with friends exes

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  • I’d never do it
  • I haven’t done it but don’t see an issue
  • I’ve done it and it was fine
  • I’ve done it and it was a bad idea

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friends hooking up with your exes

  • Would hate it
  • Hasn’t happened but could be fine
  • Happened, was fine
  • Happened, wasn’t fine

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obviously allowing for a lot of IT DEPENDS based on how bad the breakup was/how recent it was/if it would really upset the friend etc.

(SSPish since there could be some raw feelings attached to some of these situations)

Done it and it was fine, done it and it wasn’t.

Depends on the mate and the ex


Wouldnt do it myself. Has happened to me but the mate was a uni friend I hadnt seen for a while so I wasn’t too arsed

Actually acquaintance is fine proper mate isn’t

Would shag my mate’s exes, wouldn’t want them to shag mine, but I have shagged exes mates after we broke up lol. Wouldn’t nowadays obvs.

As ever, the rules simply do not apply to me if I don’t let them

best way imho


My friend broke up with the person and wasn’t at all bothered by what they did with their life because it had kinda been a desperation thing (…which it also was for me when I dated him :smiley: ). There was no emotional investment for her in that relationship.

If any of my friends hooked up with my most recent ex that would be a friendship ending deal-breaker for me.

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Same although I think it kinda depends on what the dynamics are. I think it’s ok to have different standards if they broke up with you and have no interest in rekindling things.

That said the mutual friend I hooked up with turned out to be an absolute megacunt so that’ll teach me.

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Done it but it wasn’t a close friend. Would be weird either way if close friends and I wouldn’t do that (unless it was something like a short term relationship many years ago or something).

Ooooft :grimacing: although as ever absolutely loving your phrasing :smiley:

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Chance would be a fine thing

Ah go on then, why not


Lots of it depends, yeah

Close friend, recent ex, bad break up, any chance of getting back together = further towards the ‘don’t’ end of the spectrum

But if a friend told me they were desperate to bang an ex of mine who I bear no ill will towards and no longer have feelings for, sure, whatever


Fucking your friend’s ex shortly after she loudly and publicly dumped him in or near Froglet’s block of flats this morning = no that’s not OK


I think timing is everything in this. If a good friend of mine got together with an ex of mine with weeks of us splitting up, I’d be pretty irked, however amicable the split was. If it was a couple of years later I doubt I would be bothered.


I don’t see an issue but I know it would be for some friends if I was to have sex with an ex of theirs so it really depends on the friend involved.

Whoever any of my exes decide to have sex with is up to them, they’re nothing to do with me now.

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Just reckon on balance that there are billions of people who are not your mates’ ex, and you don’t know how they really feel about the ex, or you, or you fucking them. Why take the risk? billions


I think for me it’s like, if I’ve had my heart broken and turned to a friend for emotional support and then as soon as my back’s turned they’re in bed with my ex, I’m going to be thinking “well I don’t feel very supported right now”. There are 7 billion other people out there, why choose the one that I’m trying to get over? Or why not wait until I’m over them?


Fucking hell I’d run a mile from that absolute bonfire are you JOKING

I don’t care if they’d have my eyes rolling into the back of my head and seeing God himself, it’s not worth dipping so much as a little toe in that fucking drama