hooking up with friends exes

Big fan of the concept of fucking someone’s ex and then as they shed a tear wheeling out a blackboard about ‘checking your privilege’.


Fucking massive hex


how about hooking up with your mates siblings…

  • Id never do it
  • Havent done it, but dont see an issue
  • Done it and was fine
  • Done it and it was a bad idea

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Ryan Day (snooker player) married the sister of his dad’s second wife. So his step aunt - sounds odd but at the same time is it wrong? Not really.

well yeah, its very much about how your friend behaves rather than what your ex does. One should theoretically owe you some sort of compassion/consideration while the other doesn’t


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I’ve asked my sister and ex not to hook up with eachother


But why? What’s compassionate about not sleeping with them?

Would also add I think you have an ethical obligation to let an ex live a life free from arbitrary control

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The ex sex hex


Younger sibling who I’ve known since they were a child - weird
Any other sibling - fine

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older sibling thats known you since you were a child… :exploding_head:

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This is winding me up the more I think about it :smiley:

Like, would there have been a mad spark going on that I was blindly unaware of when we were all sat round exchanging Christmas presents or eating a meal I’d made us all?? I’d want bloodshed tbh and I don’t care if that’s not very 2022 open minded of me hahaha


There’s a lot of people in the world though! Sleeping with the ex of a friend is something they do in soaps because they only have a small pool of characters

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Just having a little think about this

I have surprisingly never ever hooked up with a friend’s ex …however, I have just realised that I have been the ex that my ex’s friends have hooked up with an alarmingly high number of times

suddenly feel a bit weird about this and can’t quite put my finger on why

I’ve put don’t see an issue but I can see that there would be sometimes. Just that there often wouldn’t be an issue. I think you need to think through potential drama like is it going to cause a rift between you and your friend if it all goes wrong or can you easily just never see the sibling again?

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Maybe in the cities, less so in some awful backwater town in Hampshire or something. Also less so again if you’re part of a specific subculture and that identity is important to you

Though I also just think it’s fine if you’re a regular human in London or whatever

Think there’s a fair bit of erasing of the actual ex’s feelings going on. Like, they’re their own person and not defined by their previous relationship with you/your mate.

Not that that’s how I’ve excused past actions. Certainly not!

But in all seriousness, that’s a thing people do.


No one has an infinite social network though, we naturally gravitate to people we already know somehow


I’m just talking about where you probably know it’s not going to go down well with a certain party. Idk, it’s a free country though. But people are entitled to their feelings.

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