Back with a new album in Feb next year. Saw em at MIF in July and they played mostly new material.

Thought then they had an album of the year contender for whenever it came out. This new song pretty much confirms it. Someone is really going to have to go some to better this next year.


Doing a weekend at The White Hotel that doesn’t clash with Primavera as well


Hopefully be some Scottish dates announced later.


this new song is really fantastic


properly getting into this now. cant wait for the album


Really not sure about Negative Space, it reminds me of The Rapture at their most bland…


New song still so good.


this is a good vid


Fucking love Hookworms so drunken accidentally bought 2xtickets to their Brixton (24 March) show on dice when it’s my Grandad’s 90th on the same day. Please message me if you want the tickets and I’ll give you a £1 discount.
Dice isn’t letting me get a refund for this for some weird reason. Do they only do that when it sells out?


Gone done sent you a PM


This album really is going to be brilliant.


Wow very different. Feels very Postal Service actually.


Just to check, do they still sound like Kasabian?


r u mad




The fuck?


Heard it yesterday, can confirm it’s great


I admit to having a bit of a hate on for them, but everyone went on about their debut and it sounded right up my street so I bought it, and, urrrgh what is this shitty sub-Kasabian toss.

I’ll admit I haven’t listened to a note since.

I should probably pipe down.


They couldn’t be be further from Kasabian? (They keep the roofs firmly on!)


They say some bellended stuff too. Something on twitter the other day about landlords and agents not being allowed in their gigs.

Maybe ban teachers too because some of them are dicks?

(I really am surprising myself about how much I dislike them here!)