Yeah I totally get that, I used to be a lot more hostile towards it but I understand there are always external factors and the fact I’ve not heard of any other stories since then along the same ilk that there was probably a lot more to it than meets the eye.


Which venue was it?


Nah, I was properly shattered last night. Pretty annoyed I missed it. Was it good?


Greendoor store


Yeah. Saw liars there a few years ago and it was similarly awkward


yes but the sound kinda sucked, too loud for such a small place meaning it was hard to pick out some instruments/frequencies (the guitars especially)


Hey, wouldn’t normally comment on a thread about my own band but felt I should say something about this. I remember what you’re talking about and there was more to it than that but I’m not going to offer excuses because I shouldn’t have said anything from the stage. It was inexcusable and I’ve felt profoundly sorry about it ever since.

Thanks for the kind words on this thread otherwise.


Hookworms (CW: Sexual, Physical Abuse)

Hi MJ you rocked last night :wink:


That’s a shame. MJ seems like a really sound dude so was probably a one-off. I first saw Hookworms supporting The Men at the Prince Albert in Brighton in early 2012 and it was incredible.


Not a big fan, but Each Time We Pass is pure Electrelane. What a banger.


you coming to the Brighton show this month Duck?


Nah, I shall be seeing them at End of The Road doe!


The track run of: each time we pass --> Boxing day --> Reunion…
Great triplet


Just one comment so far…profile checks out (unless it’s OBT again)


Really enjoying this, gave it a whirl off the back of this thread as I’ve never clicked with their other stuff but it’s great


Playing this lots atm. Particularly digging ‘Static Resistance’. Even hearing bits of Geoff Rickly in some of the vocal parts.


Surprised the final track is not getting more love - seems like the clear standout to me (sorry to anyone who has already mentioned it but I’ve missed due to the amusing comparison posts)

Can’t see myself ever liking Boxing Day, regardless of the meaning of the song. Just doesn’t work on any level for me Clive.

Also wish they’d left their trademark slightly-overdriven organ sound on the first two records. Worked really well there but not so much here imho opinion. Would have been better for the keyboardist to just totally commit to the synth-y goodness.

Overall I don’t think it’s as amazing as some are making out here but generally pretty good, third in a row for them so that’s to be applauded :clap:t2:

Reading this thread though and I think that the February users’ album of the month thread is going to be a bit of a formality @BMS1. See you in March?


Ahh sorry yeah I saw them in Paradiso! Weird the stage and what they are wearing looks exactly alike!


Some wonderfully hysterical posting on the thread. Kasabian! God strewth. As if Serge could write anything like ‘Opener’.


Maybe. May not. I see a lot of traffic on the boards mentioning one album or another but then when people vote they put that album very often as third on their picks.

Personally, I really like the album but then there’s Joan As Policewoman, Ezra Furman and Chemtrails out on Friday. They are potentially brilliant too.