What does this mean?

Oh wait:

The song is about suicide/death

where did you read that? I mean it makes some sense although given their studio was flooded on Boxing Day I’d have taken the abrupt end to be a reference to that, TBH. I listened to the lyrics and there’s nothing that is specific about suicide/death I could hear.

Anyway, cheers @Icarus-Smicarus:only came into this thread to express how much I appreciated that Boxing Day/Reunion headfuck effect and was hoping it wasn’t something wrong with Spotify :smiley:


I’m wearing my flanny shirt today so they sound pretty grunge to me. :wink:

Always going to be won by the Dinosaur Jr cover of Just Like Heaven.


Yeah, agree with your take on it. Shortcomings is good, reminded me a bit of Dismemberment Plan.


Oh, wasn’t meaning to dismiss the other albums released this month - I’m enjoying the Rae Morris one a lot and would probably have it as my top vote atm. I just meant that this feels like September last year when LCD Soundsystem seemed to have it wrapped up within the first week.

Take your point about not everyone commenting here putting it in first. And even if so the thread would be worthwhile to see who was the favourite of the rest. Appreciate your efforts as always


Forgot about Rae Morris. I need to check that one out definitely.


Doesn’t have to be related to the lyrics though does it


Ought is out this month too right? I’d expect that to be a contender. Oh and Car Seat Headrest too.



The ones I’m most excited for are MGMT, U.S. Girls, CSH and Olden Yolk (gonna be a good month). Bit worried about Ought tbh.

Anyway, loving this album…much warmer than I expected. Current highlights, aside from the singles, are Ullswater, Opener and Each Time We Pass.


I just meant that I couldn’t get that reasoning from the lyrics so was wondering where you’d read or heard that’s what it was about.


just from knowing what’s been going on with MJ in general but he also says “all the songs are about mental health” at their core. I guess what I mean is it’s a stylistic choice to represent a narrative point which intersects throughout the record.


Oh right, okay. But you’ve got to admit the compelling nature of this song’s title matching the name of the day their studio was flooded to fuck. I’m going to stick with my interpretation.

We can both agree it’s a genius point in the record though, yeah?


Agree on the first point, disagree on the second


A genius point? It’s just not writing an ending.


OH yeah, the song’s lyrics/title is definitely to do with that.

And yeah I think it’s great, even better live, don’t really understand why it’s irking people


But… it is

#mindblown #madeuthink


Yet another Hot Take coming up here but I can’t help but thinking that this is what Frightened Rabbit would sound like if they developed a penchant for psychedelia and krautrock. Think it’s probably largely to do with the lyrics/vocals and the organs, but there’s something in the songwriting in general and I can’t shake it now that I’ve thought it.

I like the ending of Boxing Day.

I like this album.

Does anyone else have some more pointless this sounds like this input?


One of the songs reminded me a bit of The Cooper Temple Clause.


The organs are a definite ode to Modern Lovers, but vocally/lyrically… yeah there are similarities for sure


Ok I’ll bite.

The intro to The Soft Season reminds me of one of the songs from Drum’s Not Dead (can’t remember the name) and a little vocal inflection in the chorus makes me think of MPP era Animal Collective (so really, by extension, Beach Boys)