sounds a bit like classic era Sepultura to me at some points


Parts made me think of Phantom Band, for another Scottish connection.


Oh yeah, I can see that. Burbling synths, krautrock rhythms, organ drones etc


I said to my pal that this song sounded like the Postal Service covering Spiritualized (which Pitchfork definitely nicked for their review, the fiends)

I like this comparison too though.


I see it got the classic ‘close but no cigar’ mark from PF.


There’s a wee bit of Yeasayer in there at times.


Had forgotten all about them!


They don’t like giving english bands bnm.


Fair enough, most English bands are the worst


i know we’re in doing a joke to death mode now but do you think maybe everyone picking out how they sound like other bands means they’re lacking a bit of an identity there?

they remind me of ‘the men’ in that respect, really enjoy their stuff, and probably into a lot of the same music but can’t quite get a bead on their personality that would make it cohere into something greater.


Depends how serious people are being, I think they have a very strong personality personally


Not especially…as I think people on here listen to a lot of music. And it’s hard to make something that doesn’t echo something else.

Anyway, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned a couple of tracks sound like Joanna Newsome in her ill advised dubstep phase.


Yeah, had that thought myself.


They’re like Volcanos bigger, cocaine-adled brothers…ON ACID!


I think they manage to be distinctive whilst also quite obviously pulling from various influences. I suppose it depends on how much importance you place on originality in determining what makes a really great record?


I mean the overall composition isn’t really like a lot else out there, even if there are smaller things you can point towards as clear influences


idk if it was cos i’d read this thread last night but listening through this afternoon i was struck by how often i thought ‘that bit sound like flaming lips’ or whatevs. so yeah, dunno… i was taking it semi seriously at least.

can you pinpoint what their personality is? chronically vague question like. feel like the earlier stuff is more external and doesn’t really need a force of personality as much, and on this one they’re trying more and different stuff so that centre is more obviously missing for me.

doesn’t help that i have zero interest in lyrics, i’m sure.


aye don’t think i’ve ever seen a thread on here that was like this in this way tho… like for eg protomartyr probably have as many songs that are an obvious hat tip to other bands, but that feels so much more cohesive a project to me. idk


I suppose for me a big part of their personality revolves around MJ’s vocals and lyrics, musically it’s a little harder to pin it down but then I think I’d struggle to answer that question for most bands


maybe pay attention to the lyrics then