(bit sassy m8)


I think in the past they’ve almost been more like another instrument and have been run through loads of effects so you couldn’t really hear a lot of the lyrics, so on first listen to the new one it was strange to hear them sort of placed more front and centre and wasn’t really convinced he was pulling off the ‘proper lead singer’ thing. Has grown on me since then though.


Bants, bloody bants


No hot takes on sound comparisons, just that I’m really enjoying the record.

They’ve always been a solid band in my eyes, elevated higher by fantastic gigs.


this really was a fucking belter of a gig, wasn’t it?
the men did “if you leave…”, right?

hookworms were fucking ear-melting as well


This is a good album and I like it


I wasn’t overly impressed on Friday, but now I cant stop listening. Very good album.


Oh wow, I thought I was the only person that remembers that!

They played an absolute rager at The Haunt in 2014 which will ive long in the memory.


Shortcomings is great. Also the general flow between songs on the album is excellent even though they’ve ditched having separate tracks for the interludes.


It was indeed a belter. Well worth the trip from London.


Not much new to say here, but this record’s properly amazing innit? Been struggling to listen to anything else all week. Massive leap forwards - the quieter bits are well beautiful, remind me of Stereolab and the best bits of the last Panda Bear album in their weird semi-aquatic/greenhouse flora squelching. And pushing MJ’s voice to the front is a great move.

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Really enjoying this. It’s rare I get hooked (sorry) on a band as quickly as I did after hearing the first three tracks. Not heard their first two records but will pick up them up on the back of this.

I also have a weird niche comparison just for you @Severed799: a few of their songs remind me specifically of the last 1 minute 40 seconds of March of Progress by Preoccupations (VC at the time). This is a good thing as that is my favourite 1 minute 40 seconds of any Preoccupations song.


Ooh I like it, can of Coke for you!


the interludes always felt like padding out tbh (even though i’m v keen on those albums)


I think it’s mainly those instrumental tracks that had them labelled a psych band. This album definitely doesn’t sound like anything I would normally label psychedelic. All the lyrics are about his emotional life too, which I guess they were before but I could never make many of em out. Although the live show being very loud does make a kind of mind expanding experience.


Bought it a couple of days ago and I’m loving it - definitely my fave of their 3 albums to date. Glad they are switching things up a bit whilst still sounding like the same band.

The production encourages it to be played pretty loud - not really something I would stick on in the background


Looking forward to seeing them at brudenell weekender thing they’re doing. Only managed to get a Friday ticket though which is a shame…


saw them supporting Pissed Jeans once


RTE tonight anyone?


Me too. Good show that.