Typical- I’m reading all these marvellous reviews of the album, and I feel I might have missed something. So back to the listening board I guess … Hate that. :stuck_out_tongue:


always nice to see a grammatics reference about :slight_smile:


Yep. I’m here.


Hi! I’m down the front.


I’m in the queue for the signing. I’m the Indian bloke with a denim jacket with a “Belly” patch.

Did I give you a gig ticket in person a few years ago?


Great set. The sound was excellent. I got my CD signed and I’m off to a pub near home to get wasted with ex workmates. I hope you had a good gig, jack_on_fire.


Yeah you did! DIIV right? Sorry I missed you tonight.


No problem. I hope you had a good gig. Have a great weekend.

That’s the band! I was trying to remember who it was. I think that they played Heaven. I booked a ticket for a film at The BFI during the Flare Film Festival for that evening instead.


Hookworms were great! DIIV were really good that night too - thanks again!


No problem.


You probably haven’t. It’s a 7/10 record. Nothing remarkable.


I’ve become pretty obsessed with this over the last week. Got a real overwhelming desire to hear Negative Space and Ullswater live just there so I’ve bought tickets to their Glasgow gig even though I told myself I wasn’t gonna buy any more tickets for a good while, oh well


where are they playing?


Art School, which I’ve generally enjoyed as a venue


ah yeah I reckon it will sound really good in there


Does anyone have a spare for Brighton by any chance?


Truly bizarre, people making the comparisons may as well be saying

“This is like the Prodigy, drinking Yakult”


I just scored 2 returns for Brighton from Resident so I now have a spare.


I have now listened to this whole album and my hot take is that it sounds like Clor.


They’ve always been a very good live oufit but I thought they were outstanding in Brighton on Saturday. Proper hairs standing up on the back of the neck when the chorus of ‘Ullswater’ kicked in.

This set is going to be outstanding high and in a field somewhere this summer.