Thought you were going down this road for a second there


it was a great show

enjoyed the “nope” shake of the head from the guitarist when he came back on stage and everyone thought they were going to do an encore


How long was their set approx ? Fretting on logistics for Friday at Brudenell.


If anyone gets word of any spare Brudenell tickets HMU


about an hour and 15 minutes in Brighton. They were done about 15 minutes before curfew


I am also after a spare for Friday night.

But @carmen gets first dibs obviously.




I was on a come down last weekend and when he shouts ‘Stay Stronggg’ on Ullswater I really felt a connection.


It’s really bad of me but I’m kind of hoping the bad weather means I might have a better chance of scoring a last-minute ticket for this weekend. Was meant to see Martha supporting Brand New in November but obviously that didn’t happen so I’d like to get to see them on Saturday.


Any plans to play in the US?


I had a ticket for tonight in Leeds (as I was going to go up to see my Dad) but on SeeTickets there is simply no way to move it across to you. I looked and as it’s electronic, you would have to actually be me.

I think you can in theory sell to other fans which I tried to do (and basically give you a heads up that it was available) but I think it was even too late for that. :frowning:


No worries, cheers for trying!


Hi Carmen, Might be able to help. Will PM you.


3 tickets available for tonight if anyone’s still interested? On seetickets, but should be fine to get in if I forward you the email. Face value £8.80. Any takers?


I have four collect on door that are available for nowt if anyone wants them. Various of our gang can’t make it.
Any takers??


Have ended up getting sorted for BOTH gigs. Lovely.


NICE! How did you wangle that in the end?


Pal had guestlist for tonight and managed to get a +1 off the band, and then she also found some snowed in Glaswegians selling a pair for tomorrow.

Tonight was good, seemed to have a few technical problems at the start (must have heard the intro to the first song about 10 times before they started properly). New stuff sounded good though old stuff sounded better for me, peaked with the last 2 songs. Did play Boxing Day properly and show what a waste of potential the album version is. Could have done with some Pearl Mystic but nice to hear Teen Dream again.
Wonder if they’ll do the same set tomorrow or mix it up at all.

Pins were pretty good, never really listened much before but good live sound. Looking forward to Ulrika Spacek tomorrow as I couldn’t make their Dublin show a couple of months ago. Might nip into the other bar to avoid Martha though.


Spacek are mint.


They were predictably miles better than the rest of the supports yesterday, dunno why they were on so early. Great set.

Enjoyed Brown Owl a lot too, and Bilge Pump weren’t bad. Virginia Wing sounded interesting but the vocals didnt really work for me, sounded a bit off key and like they would have worked better instrumentally, but they seemed to be having sound problems which might be why, I’m interested to check them out on record as I noticed they were on the Fire label.

Had to escape Martha after a couple of songs to go and get a pizza in the cold. Don’t get this band at all, it’s just New Found Glory in cardigans innit?

Good Hookworms set without the technical issues this time, and Virginia Wing singer and saxophone lad joined for a couple of the new songs near the end (I’m guessing it’s them on the album?) Could barely hear her but the sax was cool. No Teen Dream this time though, imagine not playing your best song.