Just to reiterate, Boxing Day is a banger live which makes me more annoyed about the album version. Hope they do another live album with that on.


Ended up with tickets for both nights but couldn’t do Friday in the end and everyone else was too hungover to go last night. Hope it was good. (I know it was)

Saw them in December so …




Feels like I’m in that Limmy’s Show sketch where everyone keeps saying ‘muffit of tea’ and pretending it’s normal until they’ve tricked him into saying it too


I like them and can understand why someone wouldn’t like them. I just don’t understand the comparison to New Found Glory.


About equivalent of describing Hookworms as being similar to someone like Kasab…


Thought they sounded pretty pop-punk. One song sounded a lot like Basket Case


I don’t get the fuss either.


But green day wrote basket case!!!

Tbf MJ did record their albums


saw a bunch of twee lads bring a teapot and cups to the front of a martha gig once.

decent though.


oh god.




i’m sure they’re nice people deep down but that twee scene is one of the weirdest, most performative and gossipy places in the world. some proper odd stuff going on.


I remember reading the Beat Happening chapter in Our Band Could Be Your Life and there were bits about Calvin having cake-baking parties and sleepovers and weird toddler shit like that. Made me feel a bit ill.


Baking parties are great, watch yourself


Not necessarily opposed to the idea of hanging out and making cakes but those levels of affectation are vomit inducing.

(Don’t mind Beat Happening though)


Anyone heading to see this lot on their tour? I’ve got tickets for Glasgow tomorrow night and boy am I hyped

Revisiting the first two albums, dunno why I didn’t really connect with the Hum when it came out. Fulla roof melters.


I’ll be at the art school
Tomorrow night, really looking forward to it :+1:


Used to prefer Pearl Mystic but coming round to the idea of The Hum maybe being their best


think they’re got better with each album tbh and they already had a pretty high bench-mark to start with