I’d love to see them at Art School, think that venue will suit them really well (cool it sold out too!)


Saw them in Brum a couple of weeks back. Best time i’ve seen them I think, the new material is excellent live. Enjoyed the visuals too.


Enjoyed the Leeds shows the other week but weren’t as good as when I saw them a couple of years ago as part of a psych festival in Letterkenny of all places. Proper loud, guitars were basically white noise, visuals were even trippier, opened with Away/Towards. Lovely stuff.


Basically the crazy world of Arthur Brown for the meet me in McDonald’s generation


Ahh fuck.


scratch about Twitter man, there’s always people with spares


Yeah I’m not tooo bothered seen them loads of times. And might go to another gig in Edinburgh.


What are the best tracks off their first two albums?


these to start you off but tbh they’re all great


Pre-first album but this EP track might be their best. Still do it live a bit


This On Leaving vid is good


This one was never a particularly big standout for me before but sounds absolutely massive live

Intro always reminds me of Thee Oh Sees


This is very helpful. Cheers pals.


I don’t Twitter, how do you even find that sort of thing - go to the venues page or the bands page or what?


There’s a search box on twitter - I usually search for something like “Hookworms ticket” “Spare Hookworms tonight” and variations thereof.


Just search on twitter ‘(band name) (city) tickets’

Though I’ve had a look and there aren’t any at the moment.


alright old man


EIther that or find the event page on facebook


If you follow the band themselves, most are pretty good at retweeting wants/FS that fans point at them as well.


Listening to their first record which I haven’t listened to in ages, it’s really fucking good