Playing in Oxford on 24th August! Which is… oddly one-offish, but I’m not complaining.



Holy shit that was incredible


Fuckjng excellent. Sound was amazing. Band were amazing. No encores, love a band who don’t encore :+1::grinning:


Surpassed all expectations for me, i got totally lost in it. Shout out to the small bald man that was next to me busting out aceeeeeiiid dance moves for the first few tracks


Haha I totally clocked that guy. Man he was loving it :grinning::grinning:


setlist was fucking great as well, bit gutted there was no Away Towards (unless I missed it somehow)

The stuff from the new album sounded brilliant live


Setlist was brilliant. Such a good gig. Isn’t live music the best?! :grinning::+1:


It truly is


Amazing record, imagine starting off your professional, big time career with Away/Towards. Unbelievable


I concur, was v. Good, great visuals too.


Glad you got a ticket


I’m no he was giving it all “aw whatever man I might go to Edinburgh(!) anyway” :wink:

J/k @Unlucky :kissing_heart:


Yeah there was nothing from that when I saw them either, which was a shame, but The Hum songs melded really well I felt


They did play Form and Function though so that was nice

At least I think they did? I was pretty minced


It would have been the first time this year if so!


Yeah that’s whats making me think maybe I’ve got it mixed up with another song


There is one off The Hum which is kinda similar which I remember also mistaking for, probably that?


Don’t think they’ve played it in a while now


I distinctly remember thinking they played it last night but now I’m pretty sure they didn’t. Can’t think which song I got it mixed up with though, looking at their other recent set lists. Must have been more fucked than I thought!


Meant I don’t think they’ve played Away/Towards in a while either but they didn’t do F&F when I first saw them so that’s probably been out of the set even longer. Would be happy if they brought it back but maybe it was Teen Dream? Similar bassline