Pretty embarrassing but I’ve a feeling that I got Form and Function mixed up with On Leaving


Yes!! Thank you sir!


I’ve made this exact same mistake before, back when they played Oval Space in 2015.


They were absolutely incredible at The Cluny last night. Seen them quite a few times over the years and they’ve always been great, and done fun things (LCD covers set / collab with Richard Formby stand out) but with a set heavy with new material they’ve stepped it up a few levels. Looking at the setlist I need to go back and revisit Beginners

Have they done the extended saxophone jam thing at the end for the whole tour?


Yeah, one of the guys from Virginia Wing came on for the last two tracks in Glasgow.


was one of the best things i’ve ever seen. Hope they do another live release


Did it the second night in Leeds but not the first


yup, did it in Berlin too


lot of content here for what is essentially a Violent Delight tribute band for the Piczo generation


I don’t know what any of these words mean


Just want to echo @nestor and say last night was ace. First time seeing them live. The new songs sounded great in a way that makes it a bit difficult to go back and listen to the recorded version. Enjoyed that the vocals were that little bit more fraught as well. Great night.


Finally got some time to listen to the new LP. I’ve always been a fan, but this is really, really good. Hoping to try and get to the gig tomorrow.


Brixton toniiiight. Forgot to buy earplugs so gonna have to submit to the full power eardrum abuse


I am So. Up. For. This. Pumped to hear the old stuff, pumped to hear the new stuff. Just pumped tbh


I should be going and have loads of spare 3M foam ones. Can bring if you want?


nah don’t worry LK I’m kind of excited about it as last time I saw them the volume made me feel like I was losing my mind a bit (in a good way)

say hi if you see this mug about though


No problem. Will do. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a last minute spare going for face value if anyone wants it?


They will give you some for free behind the bar.


Fuck me. That was incredible.