Yeah that was excellent. There were points where I thought it couldn’t get better and then something else happened to surpass it. Glad we got the sax jam too


I went on Saturday too. I really really liked Virginia Wing. They were fabulous.


Almost a quarter of the year gone and nothing better than Ullswater so far IMHO


I’ve been rinsing the album again since seeing them the other day. That opening trio is just glorious. Also glad I bought a CD because it sounds very good blasting out my little boombox, think the mix actually works better for that than headphones


lads, what if Opener is the real first track (clues in the title) and that’s where you’re meant to start listening to the album omg


Were you an a checked shirt and white headphones standing to the left of the stage with another bloke at the start of the evening?


yeah that was me and my brother! Then moved to the middle


Good on them for calling out DiS and that shocking Cabbage review, and pretty pathetic that the only response from DiS so far is to unfollow them.


Haha. I got into the gig, went to the bar and saw someone (you) arrive next to me. I thought it might be you, but actually thought it was so fucking unlikely the first person I see is the only person I might know. I was going to check by talking to you, but I am really very shy.

By the end of the night I was hammered i.e. less shy and talking to the person opposite me on the train home about his parrot socks. So there you go!

I will definitely say hello next time.


New autumn tour dates being announced. Some with Blanck Mass or Factory Floor, according to Twitter.




Ace. Where you seeing Blanck Mass? Can see Factory Floor for Manchester, can’t see Blanck Mass mentioned on twitter, but would be fantastic if so.


Birmingham - 10 November - https://www.seetickets.com/event/future-days-presents-hookworms-blanck-mass/the-crossing/1213361


Cool, cheers. Hoping for Blanck Mass in Bristol


Support in London comes from Ought.



What a gig that will be!


We need this one replicated up north.


I’d have thought other way round no?





wow, they gettin big


After all of this, I must put them under ‘Band live much better than their album’ - so will put them on my list of ‘must see’ band for the summer. :smiley: